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Member since: Sun Apr 17, 2016, 01:00 AM
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Thank you so much to the person that gave me a heart.

It really does mean so much to me. I seem to always feel depressed this time of the year. Lots of hard anniversaries of deaths of loved ones. Plus the weather where I live is very cloudy and overcast this year adding to my feelings of depression. So thank you it really warmed my heart. Funny how such a little thing can perk a person up. I do love this place even though I seldom post. So much information and smart people here to learn from.

Can someone please explain this to me.

I keep hearing that they do not want to sanction Putin`s personal accounts because then he would not be inclined to negotiate. Would he not negotiate to get his personal sanctions removed? It just makes me sad that the person causing this mess does not feel the pain of his actions and that his people will.

I can hardly believe it but

my husband just registered to vote. Honestly I never thought I would see this day. He has always said that there was no reason to vote because your vote does not matter anyway! I am beyond happy. He hates Trump with a passion so.........I am celebrating tonight!

Just voted in my States primary.

Go Elizabeth Warren!
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