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Member since: Thu Oct 11, 2018, 10:27 PM
Number of posts: 3,855

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OK DC Area DUers, who did this?


Was the lame attempt to * Nancy Pelosi as speaker done

because they think the next Speaker will be the next president?

Pence is guilty as sin, and it was the strangest, lamest and bizarre thing when there were factions trying to limit her.

You know the Traitors would pull out ALL the stops in Florida

it's where Mar-a-lago is and all the Russian property. If ever there were a place where they would NEED to rig it, Florida is where.

I stand vigilant with our Democrats.

That they refer to TAXES as "Tariffs" proves the conservative press bend

Lord knows Joe Sixpack thinks they are different things.

We have to be ready for the same dirty tricks they pulled in 2016

They're GOING to do it again.

Hello DU.

I am new and introducing myself. Lifelong democrat living in a red area of a blue state.

Fluent in redneck.
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