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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 5,936

Journal Archives

CNN been hacked? Click on the article about Tucker Carlson and Chauvin

What happens when you click on it?

Bernie Madoff dead...

Tough shit Bernie............


Any Ravens fans around today?

I live in Wichita so of course Mahomes and the Chiefs are my team but damn....I love watching Lamar Jackson. That running game of his is better than many tight ends (maybe even wide receivers) and he's fearless. Hope he stays safe and doesn't get hurt on one of those runs. Don't know it I ever seen him slide on a run.

Any DU'ers that use Think or Swim with TD Ameritrade?

If so does the web version of that platform load up for you? Mine hasn't worked since after the markets closed on Thursday. I click on the link and that takes me to the log-in which goes fine and then all I get is the black screen with the three alternating bars in the top middle. They just keep going and the platform never loads.

I've cleared caches,deleted cookies blah blah but no joy.

I can download and fire up the desktop version with no problem although I never cared for that version--too busy for me. I haven't tried on my Ipad but I might give that a shot.

Not one Tweet by our Hitler wannabe this morning

Is he still alive??

DOW futures up 286.00, lets see if that holds or climbs

Thought Trump said that the World and the Markets were going to come crashing down once it was known that Biden would be the next President.

Any of those using an electoral interactive map chime in.............

I've gone over mine a bunch of times.

Mine comes out:


Minus one Proud Boy...........


Gosh...he looks like he wouldn't hurt anyone.

Vote him away.....on Twitter


Kansas Dem Gov Laura Kelly is putting a mandatory face mask order in public places

It starts on Friday. She's done a hell of a job in this Republican run State and taken their bitching and being called a "dictator" for our shut down laws and re-open. But..like other States we slowly re-opened and cases are soaring. Can't wait to see the whining when this really sinks in.

If KKKris Kobach would have won the Gov race instead of Kelly Kansas would have been left wide open like Florida and Texas and it wouldn't be safe to go anywhere.
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