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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Denver Colo.
Home country: United States
Current location: Louisville Ky
Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 07:00 PM
Number of posts: 1,844

Journal Archives

Rick Derringer - Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo

Excellent soloing


Rose of Cimarron - Poco


The Bad Times Will Do Me Good - The Nomads


Pretty good album tbh

Babylons Burning - W*A*S*P


Damn fine video/song marriage

Sure this has been posted before but its just too cool to pass up


This guy has a few more of these machines too. Plus a video of how it made this particular one.

Thunder Kiss 65 - White Zombie


Fun one for the weekend...

... plus Danny Trejo!



I've been a member here for a long time. I don't post much because others here express themselves much better than I do. But lately I've been thinking about radicalization much more than usual. Because the trump cults batshit craziness seem to suck up almost all the air out of practically any discussion/topic OUR radicalization, the lefts, doesn't seem to get much notice. I have become more radical since the orange idiot has disgraced our country. How about you?

Some vitals on me: I'm old and in very poor health, I doubt if I'll be here for the next presidential elections. Possible but not probable. Been a Democrat since ..... forever. My first foray into politics was working a phone bank for Jimmy Carter in Denver after seeing him at a campaign rally there. Kind of gave up on politics after seeing him savaged by almost everyone (it seemed) during and after his term in office. Plus the fact that Jerry Rubin turned into a STOCKBROKER!!!!! Traveled in my work for 40+ years so it was kind of easy to not tune in to what was happening. Knew Reagon was a disaster for what I believed. Around the first gulf war I started getting my toes wet in politics again. Was ENRAGED by the swift boating of John Kerry! As a veteran I have to double down on that, ENRAGED! Anyway...... starting to ramble now.

I'm more "radical" now than at any point in my life politically. More open to what used to be considered radical anyway. So how about YOU? Would you say the maga era has made you more radical?

A 2fer!

Last of the local bands for a bit and couldn't decide so ...... two for your consideration

First up..... VHS or Beta. They had a huge following here but couldn't really translate that to national though they did have a chart maker or two.. Everyone REALLY thought these guys were going to the top! Very good band


Evil Engine #9 were/are from Corydon In. , this song was HUGE around here for awhile... sadly they all called it a day a long time ago. Love this song ;D


Tantric - Down & Out

Yep, another Louisville band. At least they started here......... some former Days of the New members. Love the electric violin in this


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