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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Phila.,PA
Home country: USA
Current location: San Diego, CA
Member since: Wed Mar 1, 2017, 09:12 PM
Number of posts: 38,612

About Me

I am 57, retired teacher and illustrator, life-long dem., activist, union member. Also I do not use social media and I'm technologically retarded. I love dogs, rock music and swearing (a lot). My 17 year old "puppy" died on June 2, 2020. She grew up listening to Animals (Pink Floyd). She has kept me sane through the tRump years, not easy, and has given me endless love, companionship, kisses and tail wags.

Journal Archives

Olbermann tweets...

Still looking for the video but I believe the chant accompanying this photo was “hail Satan” https://twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/status/1317901321199063041?s=20

Who is more attractive, JFK or tRump?

Yesterday Trump said he is even more handsome than JFK. https://t.co/vTXkssLYZw https://twitter.com/MiaFarrow/status/1317905307805286403?s=20

And it isn't even Halloween.

Good article on the mentality of tRump's supporters...


Dean and Altemeyer estimate a faithful Trump base of 50 million people. In the book, they state most of them have one of two scientifically established authoritarian personality traits or are members of a unique group that combines both.

These people score highly as:
Social Dominators: People who believe in inequality between groups and think their own should control others, collectively and even individually on a person-to-person basis. Donald Trump, they assert, appears to be an The example of a social dominator.

Authoritarian Followers: People who are submissive, fearful, and longing for a mighty leader who will protect them from life's threats. Their ethnocentrism is often based on religious training and they have been found to exhibit self-righteousness.

Double Highs: People who score highly as both a Social Dominator and an Authoritarian Follower, which, as Dean and Altemeyer state, at first seems confusing because that would make them dominating submissives. They offer two examples of how this can happen: a dominating person can strongly believe in other people submitting to authorities if they themselves are the authorities, another example is submissive people who endorse their group's superiority over others as an extra level of protection.

The glue that holds all these people and his coalition together, the underlying feeling, is prejudice. That was the thing that jumped out also in the Monmouth poll is how deep and strong the prejudice is in these people. They are anti-'the other' on so many issues. They get reinforced feelings when they go to Trump rallies, for example, and they see people who are thinking and feeling like they do, they find a comfort level in all this".

A great deal of research over the decades reveals that Evangelicals usually score quite highly on the RWA scale. Thus, when the Republican Party actively recruited religious conservatives, it was simultaneously filling itself up with highly prejudiced authoritarian followers. Given that fact, one could predict from the outset that a dominating authoritarian leader like Donald Trump would appeal to Evangelicals."

***More at the link...

John Fogerty sends cease and desist letter to tRump, NO FORTUNATE SON!

John Fogerty (@John_Fogerty) Tweeted:
https://t.co/XFCwiOadr2 https://twitter.com/John_Fogerty/status/1317148924176596992?s=20

Womens March TOMORROW in hundreds of cities...

In 2017, women made history when millions of us came together in the streets of Washington D.C. to make our resistance clear. We need to rise up again on October 17 and finish the work we started three years ago.

Tell your friends, share the info...

Find a march near you at the link, more have been added!


Thurs. Worst Person in the World

Biden Is Not Out of the Woods: Unanticipated electoral developments...

Biden Is Not Out of the Woods
Unanticipated electoral developments are affecting both presidential campaigns in surprising ways.


One way to measure voter enthusiasm is to compare voter registration trends for each party. A Democratic strategist who closely follows the data on a day-to-day basis wrote in a privately circulated newsletter:

Since last week, the share of white non-college over 30 registrations in the battleground states has increased by 10 points compared to September 2016, and the Democratic margin dropped 10 points to just 6 points. And there are serious signs of political engagement by white non-college voters who had not cast ballots in previous elections.

David Wasserman, House editor for The Cook Political Report. wrote on Oct. 1 that voter registration patterns over a longer period in key battleground states show that “Republicans have swamped Democrats in adding new voters to the rolls, a dramatic GOP improvement over 2016.”

Four of the six states Trump won by fewer than five points in 2016 allow voters to register by party: Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. In recent months, there have been substantially more Republicans added to the rolls than Democrats in each of them except for Arizona.

More at link.

Don Lemon, CNN, is going off on NBC airing tRump's shit show

at the same time as Biden but no actual debate. He is pissed and said that the MSNBC hosts are irate too.

Don't forget...tonight we Bind tRump..9PM (PST), midnight (EST)


Get out your Tower card, feather, orange and white candles and an ugly picture of IT (good luck finding one that isn't ugly).

Time to Bind tRump...Wed, Oct 14th


9 PM (PST) Midnight (EST)
Get out your Tower card, feather, orange and white candles and an ugly picture of IT.
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