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Member since: Sat Apr 11, 2020, 10:56 AM
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Jim Caviezel: possible Trump successor?

For most people—i.e., those who didn’t enjoy the actually quite excellent Person Of Interest—Jim Caviezel is probably still best known as Jesus from The Passion Of The Christ. Now, though, Caviezel is apparently launching a dramatic and ambitious career reinvention, seeking to wrest the coveted title of “Worst opinion held by someone involved in making The Passion Of The Christ” from his old friend Mel Gibson. Specifically, Caviezel popped in this weekend to the Health Freedom Summit in Tulsa Oklahoma, a right-wing meeting of the quote unquote minds designed to super-spread a whole lot of really terrible ideas about vaccines, COVID, etc. to everyone involved, in order to add his own particular semi-famous spin to the proceedings. (And, re: the conference: If you want to get a handle on its politics and factual rigor, you don’t have to look much further than the fact that Andrew Wakefield, the man who pretty much single-handedly crafted the old “vaccines cause autism” lie, is one of its most prominently listed speakers.)

Talking to host Clay Clark, Caviezel was ostensibly discussing his new movie about Tim Ballard, the former Department Of Homeland Security agent who’s spent the last decade or so investigating child sex trafficking rings. While talking about the film—including the fact that Ballard was so moved by Caviezel’s performance as Christ himself that he thought he might have the chops to play Ballard, too—Caviezel dropped a delightful little nugget of PizzaGate-style rhetoric into the conversation when he mentioned “the adrenochroming of children.”


The guy literally played Jesus Christ! Long-standing credibility with the white evangelicals and right-wing Catholics, big QAnon promoter, is a Hollywood/pop culture guy (see: Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump), by all accounts a total narcissistic asshole in Hollywood (but I repeat myself)...

All I'm saying is: watch this space. Jim could win Republican primaries if he wanted to.

UAE to launch world's First Bachelors Degree in Tolerance and Coexistence

Not an Onion headline, I'm afraid.


My experience with a conspiracy theorist.

This was a few years ago, but since conspiracy theories seem to be everywhere these days, I thought I might as well share.


I was at a get-together with some friends, along with a lot of other people I didn't know (friends of friends, family members - that sort of thing). Over the course of a few hours, I ended up talking to someone who was very nice, had a good sense of humor, seemed pretty cool. We were making small talk for a while, some banter back and forth - nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway, at one point, the conversation got onto history. I think it was my fault. What happened was that I mentioned to this person that I was reading a book about World War II that I thought was fascinating,. This person said, "yeah, it's a shame so many people died, but you have to remember that Hitler was fighting Communists and that he was having real problems with all those Jews."

I was rendered speechless.

But he didn't stop there. He elaborated on his point. "The Jews call themselves the Children of Israel, but they are lying. They're taught to lie. You can't trust anything they say. George Soros and the Rothschilds are collaborating with the Muslims to make white people the minority. You know all this, yes? The media is lying to you, don't believe what they say."

I smiled (to de-escalate the situation), mumbled something about how I had to leave early, and then proceeded to do just that. I apologized to my friends for taking off in a rush, but I didn't feel bad. I just knew I needed to get the hell out of there.

Reflecting on this, what struck me was how calm he was, and how abrupt the transition was from light-hearted banter to vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He didn't really raise his voice. He even laughed about "how stupid a lot of white people are, digging their own graves by letting the illegals and the Muslims in." There was no change in tone, no anger in his voice. It was very matter-of-fact. I found this utterly chilling.

To this day, this experience haunts me. At least it wasn't a family member or friend.

Democrats have the majority. We elected them to govern. So what's the point of the filibuster?

I was under the impression that in a representative democracy, whoever has the majority governs - and if people don't like what the majority has passed, they can vote them out.

But if the majority can't pass hardly anything to begin with because they need a super-majority in the Senate(60 votes, in this case), well, how can voters possibly judge the government they elected fairly? The majority can't defend their record, because there's no record to defend, owing to the 60 vote threshold.

And Mitch McConnell, or whoever else leads the minority party (Republicans), has every incentive to obstruct Democrats - it's what Republican voters want, it's what Republican donors want, and the filibuster allows and incentivizes the Republican minority to sabotage the Democratic agenda in a way that makes it look like, to a lot of Americans who don't pay as much attention, that the Democrats (both Biden and Democrats in Congress) are to blame for the government not being able to work. After all, few people would instinctively blame the party in the minority for things not getting done.

Republicans then capitalize on disaffection among Democratic voters, lower turnout in the midterms - boom, Republicans control Congress again. And they get to this place only by doing nothing, by voting No - no bipartisanship, or at least not enough to peel off 10 Republican Senators.

Does any other democracy have something like the filibuster? It seems like madness to me. Yes, I read that book Kill Switch - the author worked for Harry Reid, so he knows firsthand how things got to where they are in the Senate.

Such a sad story. His father wanted him to be a jihadist from an early age.

And I imagine having the name “bin Laden” and being the son of THAT bin Laden, at that, did him no favors.

MBS and his supporters re: Jamal Khashoggi.

“MBS is very bold and aggressive, cleaning up everything very rapidly in the Kingdom, look at how incredibly hands-on, competent, and effective he is !”

Same people: “How could he possibly have been aware of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi? He doesn’t control everything! He can’t be held responsible!!”


Dan Rather for the win!


Even IF I believed in the MAGA shit, I can't imagine having any respect or love for Trump.

It’s so obvious that he doesn’t give a shit about any of his supporters, that he doesn’t believe half the shit he says (because he’s incapable of believing anything but what is immediately helpful to his own vain self-interest aka greed and narcissism), and that he’s ultimately a coward. And he grifts off of his own supporters constantly.

Where was Trump on January 6, after he instructed his cultists to “march down Pennsylvania Avenue to Congress?” If I remember correctly, it was Trump who said WE are going to go to the Capitol. Yet while his supporters obliged, Trump fled the scene, washing his hands of the violence he unleashed, which led to the deaths of several Trump supporters and a couple of cops, and the arrest of many more MAGA cultists.

They were doing it to keep HIM in power. They were loyal. And how does Trump treat people who are loyal to him? Ask Michael Cohen, for one.

If you hate “the libs” more than you love yourself or care for your own well being, than I suppose supporting some Reality TV host fraud piece of shit is fine - you know, as long as he “triggers the libs. ”

An unintentional insight into right-wing derangement.


“who will happily kill you for what they believe“

Is he telling on himself?!

Good summation of the misogynistic (and racist) hatred toward AOC.

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