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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2007, 09:55 AM
Number of posts: 1,301

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Brava Oven

Would appreciate any feedback if anyone has experience with Brava.
Thank you~

Change payment information

How do I change credit cards for monthly Payment to DU?

Windows 10 email .. Help

When I compose an email the email font will minimize and I use Ctrl+ to get it back to normal.. Is there a way to correct this permanently?
I use Gmail..
Thank you for any suggestions you will share !!

Act Blue-Pay Pal hacked?

Has anyone been charged through paypal a contribution to Act Blue?
I always do this in individual payments NOT reocurring pymts.None have gone through paypal.

This morning I received confirmation of payment from paypal to Act Blue.
When I went to the Act Blue website it did not show this contribution and furthermore I had no reocurring contributions listeD.

When I called phone number for Act Blue on the PP transaction they gave me an email addy that was bogus ActBlue.com/cc my ipad said not valid addy..

I think they or paypal must have been hacked

Would appreciate suggestions or experience with this.

Question About Blenders

I am in the market for a good blender.Thinking about Vitamix.
Any suggestions about a basic Vitamix or a really good one not as expensive as the Vitamix?

Thank you!

How to change my payment

Information to DU.. I can not find a link to do this when clicking on account information

How do I change my email address on DU

The Boehner Predicament:Resignation or Resignation

Futile Democracy:Wordpress

The Speaker of the House is in a dire political position. It is perhaps the most unstable his unstable leadership tenure has been. There is no leadership control. It appears to have been conceded the far right of his Party who now apparently control the strategy of the GOP entirely. Unless Democrats suddenly cave to Tea Party demands – which they have no reason to, especially given that the majority of the public blame Republicans for the shutdown – then there is no victory for Speaker Boehner. There is only catastrophic failure for his legacy as Speaker of the House. One that has no real end game for him, but resignation.

In interviews this weekend, the Speaker attempted to shift the narrative from a shutdown over the Affordable Care Act, to a shutdown over the debt limit. It seems Boehner’s original plan had been to pass a clean CR, and to then use the debt limit as leverage for spending cuts. This plan was thrown into the flames not be the Speaker of the House, but by a junior Senator from Texas who had no end strategy, no plan to ensure coverage for the 870,000 uninsured children in his own State, but instead spent time reading Dr Seuss. The Speaker is completely at the mercy of the Cruz Republicans.

More from Source: http://futiledemocracy.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/the-boehner-predicament-resignation-or-resignation/

Top al Qaeda Terrorist Captured

Just saw this tweet on my timeline

Thanks4 Sharing Jerk ‏@Thx4SharingJerk 36m
SORRY, REPUBLICANS. RT @NBCNews: Breaking: Top al Qaeda terrorist killed or captured in Tripoli, Libya, sources tell NBC News

Our Eagle Is Shedding Tears (Cover of Time Magazine Today)

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