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Member since: Mon Mar 12, 2012, 08:56 AM
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I find it interesting this anti-vaxxer convoy comes out

When Shorty Putin is being pressured by Canada and other countries to leave the Ukraine alone. Canada sent troops over last month.

I wonder if these vaccine snowflakes would like to take their convoy over to the Ukraine and do some real work. You know maybe they could surround the Ukraine capital and protect it from losing its freedom to Russia. Nah, that's too scary for them.

Only in a democratic nation can you get away with this stupidity. Try it on Russia Koch Bros.

Yup, "free" trade removed the remains of regulations from the supply lines

Deregulation wasn't just a stupid idea. It was actually implimented throughout the US. Mergers, acquisitions, consolidation and removal of excess capacity of our distribution and supply system was completed.

And that's why you got a bunch of billionaires making tons of excess wealth off of the broken rubber band of the American market place.
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