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Flo Mingo

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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2010, 03:14 PM
Number of posts: 466

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My dream pic for what's in the safe

All the kompromat held against Rs in the House and Senate.

Lil Marco is sure spouting off a bunch of trash about the raid.


The FBI isnít doing anything about the groups vandalizing Catholic Churches, firebombing Pro-Life groups or threatening Supreme Court justices

But they find time to raid Mar A Lago

Did I understand this correctly?

The car that Pence wouldn't get into was being driven by Bobby Engel, the same SS agent in the car when Trump allegedly attacked the driver for not going to the Capitol

If that is correct, what was the timeline?

The plot to remove Pence was already in play as we know from Grassley's mouth fart the day before. Was Engel planning on driving Trump to the Capitol and removing Pence in the same trip but that was thwarted by the lawyers? How soon after moving Trump to the White House did they drive to the Capitol to get Pence?

The tentacles of this story will be slow dripping for years to come.

OMG You just know

You just know how pissed off he was to miss the opportunity for all that glory. All those people chanting his name. Chanting Hang Mike Pence.

This might be my favorite moment of this entire nightmare. Him having a toddler's fit in the limo when he didn't get his way.

Dear god, this is humiliating for America

So, seriously, about these pardons

There was an actual fucking list of names for pardon.
Kushner said it in his testimony. "blah blah blah, wasn't paying much attention, working on pardons".

And today we learn Eastman sends a text, "better put me on the pardon list."

Please, please, please, let there be someone who leaked that fucking list.

Did Grassley give away the game?

It's pure speculation on my part but I do wonder if Grassley's statement on the 5th that he, not VP would certify the results of the election, had anything to do with Pence refusing to get into the SS car when they wanted to evacuate him from the Capitol.

Surely Pence would have been made aware of Grassley's statement. Whether Pence knew the ultimate goal for J5 or not, how did Grassley's statement influence VP's actions on J5?

Next up: Evidence of grifting

The real reason for pushing the Big Lie is now being exposed.

DOH a lot of gullibles are going to have a hard time swallowing the evidence of their gullibility.

Bill Barr is proof

Bill Barr is proof that the PTB are done with Trump.

Trump is new Russia money.
Barr is old American money.

The international oligarchs are fighting for control.

Putting 2 and 2 together

Purely conjecture on my part but after Madison Cawthorn met with McCarthy & Scalise about the cocaine orgies, someone commented that it looked like he had been crying when he came out of the office.

What are the odds that he was shown the kompromat that day and told to sit down and stfu? He didn't and now the world knows about his hairy ass crack.

Here's a twitter post that shows a very red faced Mad Caw exiting McCarthy's office that day.


If you like Wordle

Get a load of Quordle.

Four times the fun.

Question about car sales contract

So, my wife just bought a brand new Subaru in Ocala Florida. During the sale, the finance guy wanted to sell a contract for extended maintenance. Not a typical extended warranty but they selling 56,000 miles of free oil change, tire rotation, fluid check and fill etc. for $700 & change. In the process of selling the contract, the dude straight up lied to her face twice about the contract. He told her the maintenance had to be done at a Subaru dealership AND that if she did the oil change at Valvoline, the contract would be voided. She called him out on that lie but he passed it off as he's new and that's what they told him. Despite that, the deal isn't that bad. Oil changes are recommended every 5k miles so that's 10 oil changes for a little over $70 each. Great deal right?

Well, the next day, they call her to tell her the maintenance package they sold her is no longer offered and they need permission to refund her credit card for the cost. She told them to she'd be there next day (today) to talk to the manager.

She's there now and they're trying to tell her if she doesn't sign a new contract or take the refund for the cost of the pkg, she has to return the car and the whole deal is void.

WTF?? She has a signed contract and in fact, paid cash for the car but put the svc contract on a credit card. Is it just me or do they have to honor the contract they sold?

Thanks in advance.


So now the dealer is saying she has to sign a new contract since he can't submit that one to Subaru because the svc warranty isn't available through them.

She ended up taking the new contract (and the car) home to look over before deciding what to do next. The new contract is same free oil changes, etc but only 42,000 miles and even though it's for $600 more than the 56k mile contract, he'll give it to her for the price I was paying for the 56k mile pkg.

I mean, seriously, what happens if she just comes home with the car? It's paid for and she has a signed contract for the car and normal svc maintenance through 56k miles.
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