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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,213

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A question for our Wisconsin friends.


Why did so many people split their ballots. I donít understand voting for Evers and Johnson.


Please answer this with your head, not your heart.

If your life depended on you being correct, who do you predict wins the Arizona Governorís race and who do you believe wins the Nevada Senate race?
Iím talking after all votes in, all challenges, and all recounts.

I keep looking at every reliable source I can find in both races and I just donít know what to think.
I want the Dems to win SOOO much that it colors any impartial judgement I might have.

My challenge to you for a FUN plus1 Election Day plan.

We all know people that would vote the correct way (blue) if they voted in the midterms.
But they donít follow politics as closely as we do.
So they donít necessarily show up and vote in the midterms if they get busy or forget.

I have such a friend.
And I have told him that I will pick him up after he gets off from work Tuesday and I will take him out for dinner, or a movie, or for drinks at his favorite bar.
The one catch is that we drop by his polling place first.
If thereís a long line, I will stay in line with him until he reaches the front and then meet him again outside after he votes.
He has agreed to this plan.
So, yay!, Iím getting us one more vote.

If anyone reading this likes this idea, please do the same thing.
Hereís hoping for a blue Tue!

Is anybody else tuning out the gloom and doom poll people.

Iím retired and watch a lot of tv.
Mostly movies, sports, and politics (mostly MSNBC).
So, itís unusual for me not to watch any political shows.
But, Iím not. I especially canít stand to see khaki pants boy smiling like a Cheshire Cat at his magic board while gloating that his Republicans will flip both houses.

So, to save my blood pressure from going thru the roof, I donít even go there anymore.
I do my political post cards while watching movies and will door knock this weekend.
Then, on November 8th about 7pm, I will log on to DU to monitor the results.
Just wondering if Iím the only one doing this.

I'd love to hear some midterm (honest) predictions.

So thinking with your head and not your heart, please fill in the blanks to the following 2 important questions.
The Dems will take _____ out of 435 House Seats.
The Dems will end up with ____ members that will caucus with them in the Senate.

My predictions:

Which means the GOP will have 220 members in the House caucus and will be in the majority and 48 in the Senate and remain in the minority.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

This country ether indicts Trump or just gives him the country.

January 6
Stolen records

These three situations all have more than enough evidence to indict.
If our DOJ and the state of Georgia donít indict, American is over.
Tell me how Iím wrong.

Washingtons new nickname makes me think of the Handmaids Tale.

Is it time for Fetterman to change his clothing style?

I love John.
Am really rooting for him.
In fact, he will be my FAVORITE Senator when he wins.
And I know this is petty.
But for optics sake, I think he should go away from the sweatshirts and wear regular shirts occasionally. Just in formal settings like sit down one on one interviews. Just wear a nice shirt.

Hereís some photos to compare.

We allowed the Murdoch family to ruin America.

When Fox News first came on the air, it was obvious that they would be delivering the same lies and propaganda that Rush Limbaugh and other talkers in right wing radio were doing.
However, they just did it visually with prettier packaging.
They had mostly beautiful blonde women wearing short dresses 👗 delivering the ďnewsĒ while sitting at see through glass tables.
Former Fox employees and whistleblowers told us what was going on at Fox 🦊.
That they were in the hen house and were determined to tear down legitimate news gathering, punditry, and good journalism of any kind by making advocacy infotainment news the new norm.

America let this happen.
We allowed propaganda and lies to replace real news.
Those who distribute cable channels on different platforms (at least those not owned by the Murdochís) should have refused to carry Fox News.
When they didnít, Fox became this huge THING that actually ate real American legitimate journalism.
And now those chickens are roosting with 6 votes on the SCOTUS and no pushback from most of the both siderism media outlets that are corporately owned and wonít just state the truth.
The real fair and balanced truth is that Rupert Murdoch tried to ruin Australian and British media and now heís all but accomplished that in America.
And we Americans let it happen.
In broad daylight.

Helsinki Finland Trump/Putin summit translator needs to talk.

Itís time.
Itís time that all true American patriots that have any information or knowledge of Trump doing or saying anything that would do harm to our country to speak.
#1 would be the woman who sat in on the one on one meeting with Trump/Putin in Helsinki.
#2 would be Mark Burnett (the far right executive producer of ďThe ApprenticeĒ). He has tapes.
He should provide all of them to the FBI.

And any others that will finally put country over cult must now come forward.
Itís now time to save our country from this traitorous con man and the totally corrupted apparatus of one of this countryís two political parties.
Itís time.
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