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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,223

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Who agrees with me on SineManchin stick/carrot time is up.

Itís time.
In fact, itís past time.
Biden needs to go to them and say tell me what you need for two things to happen:
1. To get your buy in on both infrastructure bills.
2. To get your buy in on a carve out for voting rights.

If they donít respond with that carrot 🥕 request, then you use the stick.
I donít know what that stick would be.
But, Iím sure they have skeletons and weaknesses.
Time for hardball.
Our democracy is at stake.
We must pull out all of the stops.
Use any and all ammunition that you can find.

Someone please explain worst case scenario on Voter Suppression.

Should Manchin and Sinema not agree to a carve out on filibuster to give us federal voting rights, what do we realistically expect in 2022.
Which states will severely limit voter access? And by how much?
Has there been any statistical analysis done on what percentage of the vote will be suppressed?
Also, which states have put their electoral process stewardship in the hands of state legislatures and out of the previous control of their Secretary of State/Attorney General?

If Biden pulls off these 3 big things, Dems will crush 2022.

1. Get the second infrastructure bill passed at at least 2 trillion.
2. Get America fully double Covid vaccinated at at least 70%.
3. Convince SineManchin to do a filibuster carve out on Voting Rights.

I know that those are three big tasks.
But all are possible and all are preferred by a majority of Americans.
Go Joe!

Will Trump ever be charged with ANYTHING?

Incitement to riot
Tampering with an election
Or even
Crossing against the light
Something? Anything?

Unfortunately, SineManchin hold the key to our democracy.

If they wonít agree to a carve out on the filibuster on voting rights, the ball game ends.
They must be pressured with everything possible to get them there.
Pull out every stop.

My idea of Heaven on Earth is (________________).

When the red light is flashing.

What is yours?

S.Carolina could change everything with this movement.

The state of S.Carolina has 5.2 million people.
Imagine if a large portion of Democrats from that state decided to move to neighboring states.
Say 1 million moved to either N.Carolina, Georgia, or Florida. 333,000 to each state.
That could change all 3 states from purple to blue with those electoral college votes, 2 US Senators, several more Congress members, Governors, state House, etc. all changing from Republicans to Democrats.
Yes, it makes SCarolina a deeper shade of red. But, thatís a great trade off.

NCarolina, Georgia, and Florida Democrats could court SCarolinians to move to their states with offers to help with their relocation efforts and in finding jobs.
I know this sounds a little crazy. But, what if it worked?

Chances that Sinema/Manchin agree to carve out on Voting Rights.

I know we are consumed right now with infrastructure, debt ceiling, etc.
But Iím still laser focused on the Voting Suppression by the Republicans.
We have to stop it with a filibuster carve out.
Do Sinema and Manchin finally agree to it?
I think thereís about a 50-50 chance that they eventually will.

Is Manchin ALSO against a filibuster carve out for Voting Rights.

I know he wants to keep the filibuster.
I know heís mentioned maybe going back to a talking filibuster.
But has he been asked if heíd be willing to do a carve out if he got the changes he wants to either of the House voting rights bills?

The link between business and religious Republicans is Authoritarianism.

I finally figured out how to put it succinctly.
I grew up around both types of Republicans.
1. the Chamber of Commerce type that supports big business and wants low to no taxes and low to no regulations and private industry to replace governmental ones (eg. prisons/schools).
2. The great unwashed. Low income, low education level, generally insulated white rural communities that are very homogeneous. Rigid adherence to Christianity and especially Evangelical values.

On the surface, they have little in common and, in fact, are disdainful of each other.
Except when it comes to politics.
Because they both believe in authority figures being God like or, actually God.
They want a hierarchical political structure with a ďstrongĒ leader.
A CEO or Pope/Pastor to tell them what to think. Who to like. Who to hate.
And, therefore, who to vote for and against.

They are completely top down. They need to be led and they want to follow.
They donít believe in basic rights to be given to everyone.
They donít believe in everyone being equal.
They donít believe in democracy.
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