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Member since: Mon Mar 8, 2004, 05:58 PM
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President Obama (on the stump). President Obama's team on the ground. We seriously need the

Obama Machine in full swing for 2014. His motivation will be that this will end up being his LAST CHANCE to REALLY push an agenda in his final 2 years in office (assuming that he won't get TOO much done between now and 2014 due to Republican obstructionism, although I'm hopeful).

A quick glance tells me that the following races are EXTRAORDINARILY winnable (no Republican won their district by more than 4 points, some by LESS than 1 point):

Colorado 06
Florida 10
Illinois 13
Kentucky 06
Michigan 01
Minnesota 06
New York 27
Ohio 16
Pennsylvania 12

That's nine. We need to flip at least 7 more for the majority (assuming that we win the 5 outstanding House seats, and I think we lead in each).

So... President Obama + his INCREDIBLE Ground Machine + US (working our asses off) = a Democratic House in 2014. It's doable, and would be MORE than worth it. I'd love to do my part to make President Obama's last two years REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAALLY count.

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