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HAB911's Journal
HAB911's Journal
November 25, 2023

An update to my Banded Sphinx photo

Orig post here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/1036121151

I was in a field near the airport planespotting and this Banded Sphinx began fluttering around my feet

November 25, 2023

For plane spotters

On final approach to TPA, to the north, before gear down

On final approach to TPA, to the south, before gear down

November 14, 2023

Just doing yard work

but always with my sidekick camera

Nov 3rd flights departing Orlando (MCO) are at 25K ft by the time I can see them, the moon still high in the sky to the northwest at 9:33 AM. While watching for more planes to spot, who should grace me with their presence but a rare high flying eagle. Unfortunately, not passing over the moon, to my great disappointment.

October 5, 2023

Not presenting this as a great photo

but just to share something from by yard. It was rather lethargic so I ran in and grabbed a camera that had a lens that would focus close enough, a 28-300 kit lens so the quality is less than a macro lens would be and I only got off one shot before he took leave of me!

September 29, 2023

Just had to share this proud moment

Re: https://democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=18297097

I submitted my dad's photo with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter for Jimmy's 99th birthday on 10/1 and it is now part of the mosaic! https://www.cartercenter.org/news/upcoming_events/promo/jimmy-carter-99th-birthday.html

September 3, 2023

Just found another trove of my dad's stuff

An old proverb says, "Nut not fall far from tree". He spent his time as a SeaBee on a PT boat base in New Guinea with magneto phones and switchboards with operators. I spent my time on the DMZ with a Stromberg Carlson common battery switchboard, "Camp Dodge Switch". He joined at the birth of the SeaBees while working for the Bell System. I was drafted while working for GTE. We were both guaranteed a job when and if we returned to civilian life and luckily returned to take advantage of that.

I'm a pack rat too and saved about as many items from my active duty as he did, although SeaBees were not scrutinized as much over what they brought back from the war as I was by the Army. These are items I hadn't seen before, and a couple struck a cord about returning to civilian life. Hope you find these interesting.

June 29, 2023

One of my contenders for Andy's project

I felt like it would have been iffy sizewise but I love this photo of a Red-footed Cannibal Fly, Promachus rufipes
(and unfortunate Western Honey Bee) taken with my D750, Sigma 150-600 @10 feet

June 16, 2023

Everyone is invited to my new ICM gallery

Never one to let moss grow under my feet, I have also been experimenting with ICM, Intentional Camera Movement. Actually some of my first photos of this genre were taken in the 1970s. If you choose to visit the gallery you will see those early film photos first. Digital is so much easier with instant feedback, however it is extremely difficult to force a new camera to do exactly what it was designed not to do, and generally requires using a 6 to 10 stop neutral density filter.


Teaser photo, "Kayaker on Lake Starvation". I hope you can see it.

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