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Member since: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 12:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,409

About Me

I am a disgruntled former DU member. Most people here are fine, but the site is ruined by zealous Hillary supporters. DU took my money and put my account on everlasting review. Cowards. Dishonest cowards.

Journal Archives

Pathetic Trump campaign rally.

Signs all over proclaiming Trump 2020, Blacks For Trump, Women For Trump, etc. He has no idea how to be president, so he keeps campaigning. Pathetic.

Is the Flynn resignation a sea change?

That's what some of the comments on TV indicate. They're saying there is a whole new attitude, a different approach to news coverage, more skepticism, less tolerance for the excesses, and so on. "We're going to start doing our jobs now." Could this be true? Do they even remember how to ask tough questions? Investigative reporting? Does anyone want to be the next Carl Bernstein?

I'm feeling a new love for impeachment.

I didn't want to see an impeachment proceeding because I didn't want to see Trump removed and Pence take over. I still don't want to see that, but I'm thinking the impeachment process might be a good thing, since removal will not happen anyway.

Remember how Bill Clinton was crippled by his impeachment? His last two years in office were spent in some kind of limbo. And Congress conducted zero business while they were busy trying to impeach him. Sooooo... If we could somehow get the process started, and draw it out as long as possible, we could accomplish a couple things. First, no legislation and probably no appointments. Second, we would find out all sorts of interesting stuff about this president and his cronies.

Of course, there is almost no chance Congress will even entertain the possibility of impeachment. Trump said he could shoot somebody in the street and get away with it, but I think he was being too modest. He would have to do far worse than that. But it's fun to think about.

If they portrayed Obama as a chimpanzee...

Is it OK to portray this guy as an orangutan? You know, the orange hair. I'm thinking it's not OK. We don't want to be like them, even if we feel justified. Your thoughts? How far can we go?

Time to negotiate those drug prices.

Trump promised to negotiate drug prices. Here's one to start with. Marathon will charge $89k a year for a steroid used to treat muscular dystrophy. This is 70 times the amount they charge in other places. Work your negotiating magic, Mr. Deal Maker!


Tabloids owe Hillary.

I had this campaign going against the National Enquired because they ran all the bogus headlines saying Hillary was a space alien, etc. I was hiding their papers from view by turning them backward or covering them with another magazine.

But now it's some rag called the Globe. Today the headline is HILLARY FLEES COUNTRY TO ESCAPE JAIL!

The reason I find this interesting is because it indicates a certain fraction of the population will believe anything, absolutely anything. This is why the pedophile pizzeria story got traction. I'm curious as to what fraction of the population will believe anything. I don't know of any studies, but I know about five percent believe they were abducted by aliens.

Any guesses?

My alma mater declared a sanctuary.


The president of Portland State University declared it a sanctuary. His editorial is pretty bold and defiant.

Trump is boosting my self esteem

In the past, I always went a little light on criticizing the president, even when he did something I considered boneheaded. I figured, "OK, maybe I could do that one thing better than Bush (or Clinton or Obama) but being president is a complex job. No way could I juggle all that stuff and make sound decisions on all of it." I have this short little span of attention, and I get distracted too easily, so I figured even somebody like GW Bush was probably doing a better job than I would do.

Not any more. This new guy has completely changed my perspective. I could do a better job standing on my head. I could make better decisions before I woke up in the morning. I might piss off a world leader or two, but not every single one of them. I am so much better, so much smarter, so closer to being sane, than this guy, it's not even a contest. I mean, I still don't think I am qualified to be president. No way! But I am so much better qualified than the guy who now holds the office, it just makes me wonder if there is even a hint of meritocracy going on in our country. Can anybody do anything? If I inherited money from my dad, and spent most of my life seeking publicity, a.k.a. making my self famous, can I run the country? Don't worry. I'm not really considering running for anything, but I wonder.
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