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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 03:20 PM
Number of posts: 720

About Me

Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Suffering depression? Ask yourself these 2 questions...

First, pinpoint the source of your depression..

What is making you sad?

#1 can you put a finger on what is making you sad?

#2 is it worth ruining your life over that thing?

I'll bet it isn't worth being depressed about.

The way that I beat depression was to realize that nothing in life is worthy of creating the kind of depression that ruins your life.

Pinpoint your source of depression and ask yourself, is it really worth being sad for this?

No, religion is not an excuse for anti-gay homophobic bigotry.

Christianity and Islam..

Two disgusting bigoted "religions".

Throwing gay people off the roof tops in Iran, justified by Islam.

In the good ole USA..

Pro-sports and the Christian "religion" are the mouthpieces for homophobic anti-gay bigotry.


C'mon Democratic Party and the media..

Call for John Tortorella to be fired.


FUCK their FASCIST "religions".

Its time to take a stand against these garbage anti-human "beliefs".


Democrats, we have a winning message here. GET AGGRESSIVE.

Voters don't like authoritarian, fascist, anti-freedom candidates.

Which makes up 100% of the Rethug Fascist party.

Jan. 6 committee unveils criminal referrals against Trump

Source: The Hill

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol unveiled criminal referrals on Monday targeting former President Trump, recommending that the Department of Justice investigate the ex-president for inciting an insurrection, conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to make a false statement, and obstruction of an official proceeding.

The referrals mark the culmination of the committee’s 18-month probe of the Jan. 6 attack and the role Trump played before, during and after the riot. They are a crescendo in the panel’s central case that Trump was at the center of a conspiracy to keep himself in power.

Investigators on the committee said they decided on criminal referrals against Trump based on sufficient evidence showing that he violated various statutes: “Incite,” “Assist” or “Aid and Comfort” an Insurrection; Obstruction of an Official Proceeding; Conspiracy to Defraud the United States; Conspiracy to Make a False Statement; and Other Conspiracy Statutes.

The recommendations themselves, however, are largely symbolic, as the Department of Justice is not required to look into referrals from congressional committees. They also come as the agency is conducting its own, separate investigation into the Capitol riot, which was recently put under the purview of an independent special counsel.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/jan-6-committee-unveils-criminal-referrals-against-trump/ar-AA15sy0r?cvid=4d56265c919043e4b2118a37bce799a8

Not a big fan of The Hill but this is the earliest report I could find..

This may escalate the investigation against Agent Orange.

Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach has died at 61 from heart condition complications

Source: CNN

CNN — 

Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach died Monday night from heart condition complications, the university announced on Tuesday. He was 61.

“Mike was a giving and attentive husband, father and grandfather,” the Leach family said in a statement via the school.

“He was able to participate in organ donation at UMMC as a final act of charity. We are supported and uplifted by the outpouring of love and prayers from family, friends, Mississippi State University, the hospital staff, and football fans around the world. Thank you for sharing in the joy of our beloved husband and father’s life.”

Southeastern Conference (SEC) Commissioner Greg Sankey said in a statement: “The life of Mike Leach touched thousands upon thousands of people through his coaching, leadership teaching and insightful commentary.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2022/12/13/sport/mike-leach-death-mississippi-state-spt-intl/index.html

Pal-ing around with white supremacists.

Even if Agent Orange tries to apologize for his close ties to white supremacists, will anyone believe his sincerity?

Never let Trump live this down.

Red wave? Meet our BLUE MIDDLE FINGER.

Salute to the Democratic Party for avoiding the midterm red-wave that was predicted by pundits, yet AVOIDED by aggressive Dems that campaigned on exposing their Fascist Rethug opponents on subjects like abortion, choice, birth control, authoritarian control over women etc..

Herschel Walker is a woman-beater.

He has an established track record of physically abusing women in his life. Imagine the psychological abuse inflicted on these women before he got physical.

Expose that Fascist piece of shit.

Dems that got aggressive in their campaigns against Rethugs WON!!

To our beloved Sen Warnock,

campaign hard against the woman abuser..

Call him Herschel"the Woman-Abuser"Walker in your ads..

Dems win when they get aggressive and expose their Fascist Rethug opponents.

A message to conservatives in southern states..

Keep denying global warming if you want more deadly hurricanes.

Keep calling science a hoax.

Your god won't save you from the true wrath of Mother Nature.

As you witnessed the true horror of Hurricane Ian passing overhead, I'll wager that you were thinking: Am I correct to deny global warming's effect on our weather?

Democrats, ask voters if they want more hurricanes, tornadoes, severe tropical storms, flooding and even hotter temperature extremes.

Vote GOP if you want more terrifying, deadly hurricanes.

(This also applies to conservatives everywhere, not just in the south but the south is the crux of global warming denial.)

Rethugs, the hurricane makers.


Catalytic converter theft is exploding everywhere.

My sister just had a cat shield installed on her Toyota Prius for less than $300. (At my relentless urging)

Replacing a stolen cat costs several thousand dollars.

Catalytic converters contain precious metals- Rhodium, Palladium, Platinum.

Rhodium sells for around $15,000 an ounce.

Palladium and platinum are very valuable metals.

My sister's workplace has been hit with cat theft recently. Several of her coworkers had cat thefts.

Her car wasn't hit. The cat shield worked. Prius' are among the highest targeted car model for cat thieves.

My sister recently thanked me for urging her to get a cat shield installed.

The product works. Do some research on the best quality cat shield for you vehicle's model.

Trump pal-ing around with a terrorist, fascist, authoritarian.

Trump once called Putin's invasion of Ukraine, "genius".

Democrats, call him out for it.

Call out Trump-backed candidates in the upcoming mid-terms.

Expose them.

Trump is a close friend of Putin.

Again, expose the orange marmalade of Fascist twins.

EDIT: for context, remember Sarah Palin's accusation against Barack Obama for "pal-ing around terrorists"?

Palin is also a friend of Putin..
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