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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 27,399

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No buts, I also don't eat at Chic fil a, or shop at Hoppy Lobby

Same concept... people need to stop using and get off the platform as it is currently run.

If anything, Musk and the mess he is creating is way worse than even those companies...!

I am already boycotting any threads on DU, or anywhere else, that use Twitter for sourcing.

DU was way to Twitter driven for sourcing even before this...

Should DU Remove Twitter Content?

I am interested to see people's take on this...

Texas is by far the US leader in Wind Power


Shockingly enough Texas energy policy has helped push the industry... i.e. it's a weird conjunction with rural (typically RW Republican) landowners and ranchers and what might seem to be progressive energy policies. Literally, they wanted to expand their income streams.

But frankly, that's also how we will need to move forward on energy policy. We have to make profits and progressive energy policy align.

Standing by my prediction, we maintain Senate control

50/50, or 51/49

And House control is won by less than 5 seats either way (so too close to call).

This also means a PUSH on election night.

Kenyan Presidential Election is Super Close Between Ruto and Odinga (Live Link)

3K votes separating the two and both just under 50%. If no one gets 50% there is a runoff in 30 days.

Let's Talk School and Covid

Let me go first by saying my son is 11 yo and fortunately (in this case) had very mild Covid last Fall when myself and my wife caught it (I nearly died).

12 days since returning to school in August have had Covid direct contact notices from the school. At least 2 of my son's teachers are out with Covid.

There is no mask mandate (my son wears KN95), rooms are crowded (25-30 kids) and there is no discernible social distancing.

Yes, it's Texas. And yes, someone will die.

And no, it's not F'ing worth it.

Allen (TX} Couple Says Bobcat Family Moved into Backyard


Full of bobcat kitten cuteness, you have been warned!

What Covid did to me: 1. Lung damage and have to take supplemental O2

2. I have to take BP meds daily to keep my heart rate in a safe range.

3. Lost some control of body temperature. I regularly and randomly drop to 95.x

4. I developed hidradenitis suppurativa under both my armpits. Yuck, and ugg.

5. Just found out today I may have develop diabetes due to Covid, or the steroids needed to save my life.

6. Crushing fatigue every day.

7. Covid brain fog/dementia

It is hard for me to even see a way forward to work. I may very well be facing permanent disability.

2012 level defeat for GOP- Keep Saying IT, Trump Will Hate IT!

The map is really close to 2012.. just swap Ohio and GA. and IA and AZ.

Trump will REALLY, REALLY hate being compared to Romney!

Hard to account for USPS and hacking that leaves little to no trace

I am pretty certain the RGV was hacked in Texas and no one will ever investigate because of where it happened and the level of pandemic there

ES&S with those hackable modems were also used in Miami-Dade
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