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Member since: Tue Oct 26, 2004, 11:19 AM
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Sharing gratitude as I pass 20,000

Reflecting on where we are at this moment is a straight shot to gratitude.

Gratitude for the stellar work by our House Dems and feeling better about the Senate. Gratitude that our leadership team is deep and determined and is acting in ways that make it clear that they are more than rising to the occasion. The messaging is tight while the rhetoric has been subdued, making the stark, objective depravity clear to all. Hoping this continues with investigations into not just FORMER potus (grateful every time I think about his descent from the throne) but also into his accomplices in the administration and Congress.

Appreciating Bidenís restraint and the way heís playing it lowkey but savvy, while I appreciate the power of the fire VP Harris has the ability to unleash and am in delicious anticipation of who she will become as a key party leader. Iím grateful for Sandersí devotion to the cause and bringing his intense desire to right wrongs to his new role as Budget Committee Chair, already firing me up about budget reconciliation, something I had a dimmer awareness of before. Iím so grateful for the folks who are stepping up to run for local office.

In short, I appreciate where we are as a party at this moment, brimming with possibility even in the face of historic humanistic challenges.

Also grateful to members of the media who are digging in and even risking their own safety to bring the truth the light. And Greg Palast for his long-term devoted persistence in investigating election/vote count ďirregularitiesĒ and Stacy Abrams for doing a kickass job of GOTV. And so many others, obvs, so many who are holding up our democracy. And Iím deeply grateful for those warriors fighting on so many fronts to save our planet, whether by amassing data, changing policy or donating what they can.

And gratitude to DU for being here. A hub for us, a rich community. Grateful for DUers who show up to share your insights and your humor. For those who keep us so well informed with important news, advances in science and important editorials. For those who keep us entertained with the latest SNL clips and editorial cartoons as well as sharing your passions for furbaby vids, music, photography and other arts. Massive gratitude to DUers who are peacekeepers here, those who hold space for folks with different points of view. And for those who run the interest and support groups, these have been such important resources at DU over the years. For Omaha Steveís superlative marshaling of funds to our candidates. And, as a forum host, Iím grateful for DUers who check for dupes before starting LBN threads

A toast to all of you, and Earl G, Elad and emeritus Skinner, for supporting this rich tapestry of a community.

Lots of virtual love and wishing a grateful, warm and happy Valentines Day to everyone

It's beyond time to establish a duty of care standard for politicians, with respect to constituents.

Their oath has now been shown to be positively meaningless. They are in positions of trust yet there is no duty of care. Trump, for example, can decide not to distribute vaccines, and with no duty to us, he doesnít have to.

In a country of dying, starving, suffering people, McConnell uses his position to grant favors as he wishes and blithely prevents voting on help needed by those in dire straits. There is something gravely wrong with this picture. Conflict of interest rules donít even have any teeth. Itís positively revoltingly immoral.

Wincing here over a simple glass of red that so many, many thousands would love to be able to enjoy, but they are impoverished, in pain or suffering the loss of a loved one... or working endless hours to help others simply stay alive.

No real effort by republicons because no legal duty, and moral duty has now been proven to carry no weight. We need some fundamental, structural change here, people, eh?

Good point.

I like that he genuinely seeks the truth about important issues and spells out what he finds in an unfiltered manner.

Steve Bannon wants to divide us, and so does trump. People are falling for this trap. So obvious.

Truly bizarre that some here are promoting the ploy

Glad you posted this. I agree it's a good interview, explores good points.

Sanders is making a more structural case. Iím a passionate proponent of anti-corruption controls but the issues really go deeper. Iím not committed to him, but Sanders has demonstrated courage in being willing to go against consensus. I see Biden as being all about consensus, which is fine for folks who donít see things as needing big fixes. (I still need to hear more from Warren.)

But we will simply never get rethug consensus on some absolutely urgent matters. Like giant steps that are now necessary to combat climate change and the rapidly accelerating destruction of rainforests and ocean life. We are where we are on that right now not because of tRump, but because of years of rethug refusal to step away from their donors and address the effing problem.

And like our grossly skewed election infrastructure, on which everything else ultimately depends.

And the refugee detention camps.

When tRumpís gone we will still have an irretractable mess because of the immoral, starkly unjust and unpatriotic Republican Party mentality. Which has only become emboldened by tRumpís administration and by mcconnelís untouchable actions in STEALING a Supreme Court seat, in refusing to touch election protection, and on and on.

The time for playing nice with them is over.

Ha, I'm not decided but I really respect what Bernie has done to raise issues in a way that

connects with a lot of people. His principles are also mine (with a couple exceptions), and represent why Iím an ardent Dem.

One of my core concerns is the rampant spread of conflicts of interest in all three branches of government, because decent environmental, economic and social policies (and more so lately, foreign policy) hinges on influence being courted by those with money. Period. This is, IMO, why we are where we are today! Starting most stunningly with Bush v. Gore which led to Citizens United. Election fraud, environmental destruction, you name it. Iím fine with any Dem as long as conflicts of interest are taken care of.

The aggressive posts against Bernie are anti-Dem despite protestations to the contrary.

My dad had a fabulous voice, and loved to sing and listen to Russian folk songs

I put Natanya Davrath on heavy rotation during his last months earlier this year. He was close to 97. He and Mom and I lay on his hospital bed singing together on his last night with us.

My 10,000th post: Could circumstances be any better to register voters? Carpe Diem!

We Dems have the means to start a fire here, with masses of people riveted on the mounting in-justice. This is peak time ó we can and must take advantage of it, of this point in time, to register as many voters as we can.

We are fighting against gerrymandering, padded voting machine tallies, mysteriously phantomed voter rolls, blatant lying, corrupt donations, faux news, etc., etc. This is OUR TURN to TURN THE TABLES. Could be our last chance.

That blue wave needs to be huge to take our democracy back but all lending a hand it can happen https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/republicans-are-favorites-in-the-senate-but-democrats-have-two-paths-to-an-upset/ (and Beto is doing better now than when this article was written).

How to get started:
1. Find your stateís voter registration deadline here: https://www.vote.org/voter-registration-deadlines/
2. Contact your local democratic committee or check for other local dem groups who are registering voters. Or go it alone, plenty of resources online to help find the forms/process youíll need. Itís essential to follow your state/local procedures.
3. Get out there as soon as you can. If you can organize a voter registration drive yourself or with friends, even better. College campuses, Pride festivals, whenever and wherever.

So many resources online for this, take your pick.

You can also send this link around to everyone you know to make sure yíall are still registered: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/

Just DU it! Even if itís your first time.

Please kick for potential volunteer Duers.

Anyone else registering voters?

Deflect, deflect, deflect, Will Robinson!

Pinebox. Great post.

I'd thought about this before even though I've been an ardent dem my whole life. This time around, the party is betraying its own democratic principles. I am not so narrow-mindedly tribal as to put party above principles.

What this comes down to for me: what are our best chances for rooting out the big money/crony-power corruption that has led to spending $ on wars and subsidizing big biz instead of on strengthening our society and protecting the planet?

Among the more salient points in the article for me were 1) the symbolic caving to the imperviousness/omnipotence of corporate/political corruption if he endorses Clinton and 2) he would've gotten more votes than her if, as in the GE, the "closed" and other registration restrictions hadn't constrained so many of his supporters.

Re: that 2nd point, I see her electability on its own terms as about to start dropping, independently of either Sanders or tRump. Coming into view on the nearing horizon: front page news of gross negligence re:her unsecured server, at a minimum (according to a combo of statements from DOJ, the FOIA judge and formerly highly ranking federal officials and legal experts). Moving forward, a likely further decline in her numbers during the GE, when wave after wave of bad news is likely regarding the Foundation's corruption being tied to her actions as SOS. Moreover, Billy-boy's deplorable record with women is going to alienate many women from her side with the specter of him in the White House. In sum: my view is that since she is barely keeping up with tRump now and he is going to become better presented as the GE moves forward (as he aligns and gets primped by the GOP) she will lose to tRump.

So, even if I weren't lined up with Bernie, I hope I would see that he is the more electable dem candidate in the GE. If the superdels don't see this, or are too politically cowardly to break rank and nominate him, who becomes POTUS: tRump.

Putting this together: if Bernie were to run as a Green, he would get:
- the small percentage Green-or-bust vote,
- the Bernie-or-bust vote,
- huge percentage of the under-45 vote
- a large swath of the indie vote (many who would otherwise vote for tRump over Clinton),
- a large swath of rethugs who can't stomach tRump (or think he'll hurt the party - there are many now, including many who voted for Cruz, etc) and would otherwise vote for Clinton
- a lot of Dems who voted for Clinton because they didn't really know about Bernie or believed her hype that she was more electable/effective
- a growing number of women who voted for her but become alienated by Bill's predatory history

I can see Bernie beating both of them. I loathe the Nader effect but what we are looking at in 2016 is a different set of candidates altogether -2 of the least popular and both under legal scrutiny - and a live, passionate and principled movement.
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