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KS Toronado

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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hays KS
Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 7,631

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Gas Toons





I wonder if a "good guy with a gun" showed up at Robb Elementary?

And what did the police tell him? Do not cross our yellow "CRIME SCENE" tape we found the time
to put up before we found the time to go after the shooter? Surly some parent there had a weapon
in their vehicle and threatened to go get it and go into the school because of the cops inaction.

Currently their excuse is "The door was locked", well did all the windows have locks on them also?
Like to see one or more parents come forward with their stories of "I told the cops I'd go in after
the shooter". Heads need to roll in the Uvalde PD.

Could this Bumper Sticker help us in the midterms?

GUNS 1st KIDS 2nd
KIDS 1st GUNS 2nd

Run both side by side? Anyone have other good ideas for bumper stickers?

Susan Collins "You think this invasion is bad?"

Sunday Funnies 5/22/22 Plus Doonesbury


FOXTROT They're Gr-r-rades!

Sunday Funnies 5/15/22


Anyone have a favorite Sunday Funnie they would like added?

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Renewable energy firm to close Kansas plant indefinitely

HUTCHINSON—Renewable energy firm Siemens Gamesa will be shutting down its Hutchinson nacelle facility
indefinitely to address what it says are continued challenges in production demand for the U.S. onshore wind
energy market, according to a media release.

The plant will shut down at the end of the month and the stoppage will run through July 31. The shutdown also
affects the Ft. Madison, Iowa blade facility. In February the firm reported layoffs involving 69 employees in
Hutchinson and 121 in Iowa.

Employees at both facilities will be released from employment during this time. All affected employees will be
provided with a comprehensive separation package, which includes severance pay, benefits continuation, career
counseling, resume preparation and job placement assistance. The closing affects 92 workers at the Hutchinson plant.

“The hibernation of our manufacturing and assembly facilities is an unfortunate but necessary measure to address
the current challenges in the U.S. onshore wind market,” Shannon Sturgil, CEO of Onshore North America said.
“We continue to pursue new orders and remain fully committed to finding a path in support of our Fort Madison
and Hutchinson manufacturing facilities.”

Renewable energy industries coming to a standstill in this country? Seems like they should be expanding.
Hutch makes the nacelles which go on top of the towers with blades attached. More at link, no paywall.......


H.R. 7688: Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act

H.R. 7688: "Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act" was voted on by the House today.
Not one reQublicOn voted in favor of helping reduce the cost of fuel. Do all repugs drive
electric vehicles? Guess it's only Democrats who have gas guzzlers. They are giving us good
questions to ask our R friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Why do they hate Baby Formula
and lower gas prices? (Hint: big oil campaign donations?)


Went to the Doctor yesterday

True story, a new "vitals" lady called my name to go with her, we're walking to her station when she asks
"How are you today?"
H...We don't allow that in here
She takes my weight and instructs me to stand on the height gauge
H...OK, five foot six
M...Wow, when I got out of high school I was six foot one & a half
H...Well gravity gets to us as we grow older
M...Could have sworn I was at least five foot thirteen
H...Now quit being ornery!
M...How tall are you?
H...Five foot four
M...So I'm only two inches taller than you?
She looks me over real good, giggles, "Let's try that again"
Second time's the charm, she got it right.

Anybody miss the "Sunday Funnies" today?

Even though a few like Doonesbury etc are always political, I decided to post them under "Humor"
from here on out to make them easier to find for those who might be looking for their daily smiles.
Today's are here........


Sunday Funnies 5/15/22 Plus Doonesbury



Sunday Funnies 5/8/22 .....Mother's Day Edition


Sunday Funnies 5/1/22


Anyone have a favorite Sunday Funnie they would like added?

If you enjoy the "Sunday Funnies" you can always find them here in the "Humor" group.
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