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Kathy M

Kathy M's Journal
Kathy M's Journal
May 12, 2020

"Antibody testing shows Covid -19 has been in Ohio since at least January , Dr Acton says"

" CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Dr. Amy Acton says antibody research is providing new details on the prevalence of the coronavirus across Ohio.

The director for the Ohio Department of Health said Monday that at least five of the 24,477 total reported COVID-19 cases in the state date back to January.

Antibody testing, says Dr. Acton, helped determine that the onset of symptoms for those five cases from five different counties were first reported in January.

According to Dr. Acton, Ohio Department of Health researchers are working to confirm if the infections are associated with travel."

July 24, 2017

Ruth Badar Ginsgurg opitmisticover the long haul for US

"Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reportedly said at a Saturday evening play that she is optimistic about the United States “over the long haul.”

“My hope is in my lifetime we will get back to the way it was,” Ginsburg said about the partisan divide in Washington, D.C., The Wall Street Journal reported.

The justice was attending a play about conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died last year.

Ginsburg and Scalia were known for their close relationship, despite polarizing political views and differing interpretations of the law."


April 20, 2017

Some Of the Biggest Anti-Trump Voices Might Go Silent In a Matter of Days

"With stinging criticisms cloaked in humor, late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah and the whole cast of “Saturday Night Live” have provided American audiences a way to laugh off their political anxiety. But on May 2, we may have to say goodbye to them for now.

That’s because the day before marks the expiration date for the current contract between the Writers Guild of America, the organization representing 12,000 Hollywood film and TV writers, and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents the writers’ employers. (The Huffington Post is unionized under the WGA-East.)"

"In the case of a strike, programs like “The Late Show,” “Full Frontal,” “The Daily Show” and “SNL,” that have voiced some of the toughest criticisms of President Donald Trump on national television, would face an immediate blackout, according to WGA-West executive director David Young. (Or rather, reruns, which are arguably even worse.)

Because they reflect the issues of the day ― from Trump’s Easter speech to his daughter’s ethically murky role in his administration to his press secretary’s combative demeanor with the media ― late-night programs don’t have a real stockpile of material like other scripted shows and are left with no other choice. It’s happened before, during the 100-day WGA strike that began in late 2007."

Article at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hollywood-writers-strike-2017_us_58f72abfe4b029063d352f40

December 6, 2016

Trump Sells his stake in Dakota Access Pipeline developer

" Donald Trump has sold his entire stake in Energy Transfer Partners, the company overseeing construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, a Trump spokeswoman told NBC News.

Trump's shares of the company created a possible conflict of interest for the president-elect, as his administration may determine the project's fate amid ongoing protests from Native Americans and climate activists. Trump has supported the 1,172-mile pipeline and broader efforts to produce more fossil fuels in the United States.

On Sunday, the Army Corp of Engineers denied a federal permit for the project needed for a segment of the pipeline. Trump's administration could still approve it. "

"Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks did not say if he also sold his shares of Phillips 66, which has a smaller investment in the project. "


Not sure what this move mean as to the future ........ if anything ........

Just wanted to pass on article

November 26, 2016

Obama administration throws cold water on vote recount effort

" Officials in the Obama administration threw cold water on the effort to recount votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania on Friday.

The effort was spearheaded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who echoed arguments that Russia may have hacked US voting machines to interfere with the outcome of the November 8 election.

A statement from the Obama administration cited by The New York Times acknowledged that the Kremlin likely expected the hacking of some Democratic Party entities in the run-up to Election Day to raise questions about the voting process and the legitimacy of President-elect Donald Trump's victory.

"Nevertheless, we stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people," the statement read. "


At this point it would be better to work on races not settled .

At least Jill has a new list to add to for next election

Time to move on start working on leadership and couple years from now

September 29, 2016

"Trump Vouched For Cocaine Trafficker "

"FEBRUARY 16--Presidential contender Donald Trump, who has vowed to stanch the flow of narcotics and criminals entering the U.S. from Mexico, once wrote to a judge urging leniency for a friend who was convicted of distributing kilos of cocaine that had been smuggled into the country from Colombia, court records show.

In advance of Joseph Weichselbaum’s November 1987 sentencing by a U.S. District Court judge, Trump wrote that the drug trafficker was “conscientious, forthright, and diligent" and "a credit to the community.”

At the time Trump wrote his character reference letter, Weichselbaum, then in his mid-40s, was already a twice-convicted felon. In addition to his 1986 plea to federal cocaine distribution and income tax charges, "

"When Trump wrote on Weichselbaum’s behalf, the real estate developer had known the criminal for several years. Weichselbaum, seen at left, was general manager of a helicopter company that shuttled high rollers for Trump to the tycoon’s Atlantic City casinos, business that was worth about $2 million annually. Weichselbaum’s firm also maintained, stored, and provided pilots for Trump’s personal $10 million Super Puma helicopter.

[Another felon with whom Trump was friendly was also in the helicopter business. John Staluppi, a Colombo crime family member, was an owner of Dillinger Charter Services, which flew gamblers into Atlantic City on behalf of Trump and other casino licensees. As TSG reported last year, Staluppi also worked closely with the billionaire to create the Donald Trump signature series Cadillac limousine, which debuted in 1988.]

Weichselbaum also lived in Trump tower , " Weichselbaum then moved into Trump Tower, his girlfriend having recently bought two adjoining apartments there for $2.4 million. "


September 27, 2016

MSN online polling on who won the debate


vote if you can . Just visited FR they have thread going it needed votes . so when I voted numbers were a lot closer than they should
September 26, 2016

"Washington 's Highest ( and Lowest ) Speaking fees "

"Topping the list by a longshot is billionaire birther and infamous reality-TV host Donald Trump. “The Donald earned a staggering $1.5 million per speech at The Learning Annex’s ‘real estate wealth expos’ in 2006 and 2007,” according to Forbes. “Trump appeared at 17 seminars and collected this fee for each one.”


The above was on page 2 of 5 at link .

For Don to receive that kind of money I would have to think he has a little more to his speaking than there has been ...... Don is a great manipulator that is for sure . One of the reasons I posted cause if the subject of speeches are brought up ..... well he is a private citizen the same as Hillary so there should be no pointing out . If anything I would question why he received the amount he did .........

September 25, 2016

"The Presidential Trial : The Lawsuit ; Quietly , a Team of Lawyers Kept Paula Jones Case Alive "

"As it turns out, some of the most serious damage to Bill Clinton's Presidency came not from his high-profile political enemies but from a small secret clique of lawyers in their 30's who share a deep antipathy toward the President, according to nearly two dozen interviews and recently filed court documents."

"While cloaking their roles, the lawyers were deeply involved -- to an extent not previously known -- for nearly five years in the Paula Jones sexual misconduct lawsuit. They then helped push the case into the criminal arena and into the office of the independent counsel, Kenneth W. Starr."

"The group's leader was Jerome M. Marcus,"

"George T. Conway 3d, a New York lawyer educated at Yale, shared Mr. Marcus's low view of President Clinton. When the Jones case led to Ms. Lewinsky, Mr. Marcus and Mr. Conway searched for a new lawyer for Mrs. Tripp. Mr. Marcus and Mr. Porter helped arrange for Mrs. Tripp to take her explosive allegations to Mr. Starr."


Below is from " Kellyanne Conway Takes on Toughest role yet : Trump 's Whisperer "

"Conway isn't the only person in her family who has worked to take down the Clintons. Her husband, George T. Conway III, a lawyer at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, was behind some of the most bitter lawsuits against Bill Clinton in the 1990s and stories that were promoted via the Drudge Report."


The New York Times article was written in 1999 , the second article was written this year ( aug ) . Both worth reading in regards to the smearing of the Clinton 's and wanting to " take down " or rather have them lose politically .

September 21, 2016

Michelle Obama on Late Show With Stephen Colbert

now . They are doing a skit right now . Michelle will also be guest

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