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Member since: Sun May 31, 2015, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 209

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Who were the 11 Rethug Senators who voted with the Dems yesterday?

The ignorance of a large percentage of our population is depressing

Was watching CBS Sunday Morning which had a segment on the fictional town of Mayberry N C. from the Andy Griffith show. Ted Koppel traveled to the Mt Airy N C, upon which Mayberry was modeled. Ted interviewed people on a tour bus and they were almost unanimous in support of the traitor Trump and claimed that Biden was not legally elected. They also said the attack on the Capital was staged. One woman wondered why all the focus on the attack on the Capital when there are cities all over the country being burned down every night. Another blamed Black Lives Matter for the “staged” assault on Washington.
It is clear that the right wing media has done tremendous damage to this country by turning ordinary citizens into ignorant zombies. It is depressing an makes me pessimistic about our future

The GOP politicians who are quick to condemn Biden, have amnesia about the 1982 bombing in Lebanon

On the watch of a Saint Ronnie of Raygun, 241 military personnel died in the terrorist bombing of a barracks in Lebanon

Photos of the scruffy, bearded, automatic rifle toting Taliban reminds me of anti-mask protesters

Why do so many wingnut GOP protesters need to brandish their weaponry when they show up at a rally at state capitols?

The US didn't lose the war in Afghanistan, the Afghan government and people did

We shouldn’t have been so deeply involved in the first place, at most we should have launched a targeted strike against Al Qaeda in response to the attack on 9/11. Once we went in to Afghanistan we got bogged down in Iraq which clearly was an illegal, unjustified war of Bush/Cheney.
I can’t understand all the hand wringing and blame casting over the fall of Afghanistan. What were we to do? We spent twenty years trying to establish a working government and a military that could defend itself. I feel bad for the people who will have to live under a Taliban regime, but enough is enough. No more American soldiers should die in that pitiful country.

How can anyone talk of American exceptionalism when so many refuse to get vaccinated?

What does FTG stand for?

When will the real evil mind behind Trump's policies be exposed?

I have never believed that Trump had the mental capacity to formulate the plans that his administration proposed. He is too simple-minded and lazy. He was, and remains, a tool of those who have used him to gain and maintain power. My guess is Steven Miller, with the helpful advice of Roger Stone and others, ie Sean Hannity, we’re behind the insurrection.

Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma should be responsible for reparations

Where can I find a list of the Senators who voted for/against Garland?

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