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Lee-Lee's Journal
Lee-Lee's Journal
August 21, 2014

Who was in danger?

The cop on the left, who had an erratic man coming at him with a knife in his hand.

May 22, 2014

The anti-vet bias and bigotry from the media and OP disgusts me

The media always, always must throw out if anybody who does something bad is a veteran. Doesn't matter if the service was 20 years ago, doesn't matter if the person didn't even finish basic training and was kicked out like this case, doesn't matter how irrelevant it was- if if serves to push the "all vets are damaged goods" narrative, it gets pointed out.

But if a vet does anything good not related to military service, do you think they poubt out "Army Vet gets 1000 hour volunteer service award"? Of course not.

And the OP- first pointing out she was a vet in the thread title (despite probably not even legally qualifying as one), then this gem:

"There is no doubt in my mind she was sexually assaulted while serving and that traumatic experience contributed to this. Its so sad those poor beautiful babies never had a chance. "

So based on a few sentences that this woman kind of served a brief while, OP has determined that the only possible explanation is that this woman must have been sexually assaulted while serving and is clearly damaged goods. What an incredibly bigoted and offensive stereotype and assumption.

I'm growing sicker and sicker of people who stereotype and assume just because I am a veteran, or any other veteran, I or we must have psychological issues. It's bigoted, it's not representative of the truth for the vast majority of vets, and stereotypes like that don't help anybody and just serve to feed the growing anti-veteran bigotry and don't help remove the stigma from those who do legitimately need help.

Both the media who insist on interjecting it where it isn't relevant and people like the OP are equally guilty of this crap, and it needs to stop.

Odds are she probably had psychological issues before she enlisted, that is the biggest reason for people washing out of basic, and her military service is probably irrelevant to any of this. But that kind of simple explanation doesn't fit the bigoted narrative, so everyone leaps to "she was a vet!!!"

July 23, 2013

Honestly 50% of Anthony Wieners problems are due to his name

Yeah, he has screwed up. But that damm last name just makes it so, so easy for the media, the pundits, and all the late night comedy shows to just keep harping on it. They can't help it, it is too easy to make the jokes and innuendo.

If he was Anthony Hamburger his missteps wouldn't get near the coverage.

July 20, 2013

Protect your privacy, take profits from banks, help the Post Office

Quit using credit and debit cards any place you can. Use cash and checks.

When you use a credit card, banks make anywhere from 1.75-3.5% of that transaction. Debit cards when used with a PIN are a flat fee- but only when you enter a PIN.

So if you go out of your way to shop at a local small business, then hand them a credit card, you just took 2-3% out of their pocket and gave it to the banks. Use cash!

When you use cards, everything you buy, every place you buy can be monitored, and can be brought up in later investigations by the government or sold by the banks to companies that want to build a profile on you for whatever reason.

If you mail a check to pay a bill instead of using a card, you help the post office and you help create jobs because people must manually open and process that mail.

Don't buy checks from the bank- you can buy them from independent printers. A bank doesn't charge per check, and they take more work to process, so instead of making them money when you use a card you cost them money when you use a check.

Yeah, it is a bit more hassle. I know it is a pain to walk in and pay or gas- but it would make a big difference if we all did.

July 19, 2013

So Detroit- what went wrong?

I admit I haven't followed it much, other than to see the usuall mocking of the state of the city over the last decade or so.

How did it get that way? What did it?

I have a few right of center friends I enjoy some lively debate with over beers now and then, and they are big on the "decades of Democrats running the city" and "poster child for what unions do" memes. I am sure they are wrong, but haven't followed this story well enough to know the debate.

So what is the real cause of the problems that led to bankruptcy?

July 18, 2013

For those who have been watching, Asheville PD scandals...

This is gonna be kind of long, but here goes..

I have been in the midst of a change in my life, including a change of careers. Part of me wants to get back in law enforcement, but I also have the option of starting a small business.

I have been staying with a friend in Asheville doing some work and classes, and I really want to live back up here. But if I look to get back into LE Asheville PD is really the only realistic option for me here.

So I have been following it close, but have been away from the area for a while and know I don't know the whole picture- what is your assessment of the APD and this mess with the chief. Right now it looks like a lose-lose, either the complaints are valid and the chief is incompetent or even worse, or what the chiefs supporters say is true and the rank and file officers an supervisors are racist and just want the black chief gone.

Any opinions from those who are in the know?

July 16, 2013

Uggh Moisture in my iPad

Left my iPad out on the porch and it got a light rain on it.

I put it in a bag with rice like a lot of folks suggested, and I took it out yesterday after two days.

It powers up and works, but the screen has areas obviously shaded in some areas from moisture.

What can I do to fix this? Will it cause the screen to go bad if I use it? I shut it right back off.

July 16, 2013

If you hate how this jury ruled

and you have ever shirked jury duty, made excuses to get off, or blown off a summons- you are part of what causes this problem.

Too many good, smart, level headed folks deem themselves "too important" or "too busy" to be on a jury. So who ends up on one? The people like B37.

How many potential jurors who would have been more just and could have been on that jury fought to avoid serving? We may never know, but anyone who has ever been called for jury duty has seen just how many people do that every day.

So sit back and ask yourself, if you have ever fought to get out of jury duty, who replaced you, and how might that have changed an outcome, and how might that have changed a life?

And make a pledge that next time you get called, make every effort to serve.

July 10, 2013

So I am half Lumbee

Or, at least I was raised being told I was such. My mom was Lumbee, and raised me always saying that I was native, but I never really got any of the culture or traditions from her. We lived away from the area where most Lumbee hail from.

But the more I research, the more I see questions about if the Lumbee are even a real native people, and the DNA evidence seems to point pretty clearly to our people really being the descendants of mixed race people who claimed native status to avoid the persecution that free blacks received in the south.

So, all in all, I really don't know what I am. I know I am half Filipino, as my dad hails from the Philippines, but the rest? I was raised being told I was half Lumbee, but like I said really with no ties to the traditions or cultures. Growing up in a southern mill town I was not really accepted by the blacks, who rejected me, nor by the whites- until I got I hit puberty and the white boys wanted to date me. So from age 12 up I was mostly integrated with white culture.

I know when I have mentioned I was Lumbee to any members of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee I got a much less than warm response, with more than one calling me a "fake". I know when people want to discriminate I become black to them. I know when an employer wants diversity then I am the Indian they show off.

So who knows...

I guess my race is a lot like the rest of me- so muddled up and mixed nobody knows what is going on.

Any other Lumbee on here? What is everyones take on the issue of the Lumbee being a true native people or not?

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