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Lithos's Journal
Lithos's Journal
June 16, 2023

Focus - Hocus Pocus

Worth it for the expressions of the lead vocalist....
March 26, 2023

Going up the Country (1928) Henry Thomas

On Edit - now you know... this was not a CH tune.
August 21, 2022

live version of Summer Breeze - JuddApatowAndFriends - many special guests


Just wait for it cuz this one's the topper!
It wasn't enough that #JuddApatow threw a benefit for @victimsfirstorg and invited #Beck to do a set (accompanied on the piano by mega producer #GregKurstin)... then #TenaciousD were like, how about we do some songs too (thank you #JackBlack and #KyleGass)...so of course #JohnCReilly happened to find himself onstage for the inevitable collaboration jam between these two musical giants...
..but THEN... out of seemingly nowhere #DaveGrohl figured he would contribute "Yacht-rock musical sound effects" at the chorus.
June 25, 2022


What are the online resources for people needing abortion access information - focus on those in "Red" states.

I am half wondering if this something that DU can "lift" up - not sure if this is a "pinned" page somewhere. I really should ask EarlG I suppose.

June 4, 2022

Open question about Netflix Series that are gone

Specifically Netflix specific content.

I've not ever really seen any of original Netflix content ever be made available by DVD/Blue-Ray. Can anyone explain why this is the case? Would seem like a nice secondary profit for shows which have fallen out of play.

Specifically looking for Queens Gambit.

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