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LymphocyteLover's Journal
LymphocyteLover's Journal
May 6, 2024

Scoop: U.S. put a hold on an ammunition shipment to Israel

Source: Axios

The Biden administration last week put a hold on a shipment of U.S.-made ammunition to Israel, two Israeli officials told Axios.

Why it matters: It is the first time since the Oct. 7 attack that the U.S. has stopped a weapons shipment intended for the Israeli military.

The incident raised serious concerns inside the Israeli government and sent officials scrambling to understand why the shipment was held, Israeli officials said.

President Biden is facing sharp criticism among Americans who oppose his support of Israel. The administration in February asked Israel to provide assurances that U.S.-made weapons were being used by Israel Defense Forces in Gaza in accordance with international law. Israel provided a signed letter of assurances in March.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/2024/05/05/israel-us-ammunition-shipment-hold

April 12, 2024

Please call Congress & tell them to support aid to Ukraine NOW!


We need you to call your member of Congress and urge Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to bring Ukraine aid to the floor for a vote. Ukraine can win, but only with our help.
Congress has delayed aid to Ukraine for months. Now, Ukrainian soldiers and air defenses are running out of ammunition. Russia is pressing the advantage and trying to advance as Ukrainians dig in to defend. Congress needs to urgently pass supplemental aid to resupply Ukraine’s defenders.

Please call your member of Congress and urge them to support aid to Ukraine and demand that Speaker of the House Mike Johnson bring Ukraine aid to the floor for a vote.
April 6, 2024

Trump posts that people's fear that he's "Another Hitler" or a dictator Is "Reason for Hope"

The article described in this Meidas Touch piece is beyond nauseating.

Trump shared an unhinged, right wing article titled, "Trump's Virtues Part II" arguing that Trump's fighting against his political opponents, who the article called "America's enemies" and the "woke regime," takes precedence over concerns that Trump's not "a real conservative" or "a role model for children."

This section of Trump's shared article deemphasizes the need for Trump to have good character: "We shouldn’t much care whether our commander-in-chief is a real conservative, whether he is a role model for children or says lots of silly things, or whether he is modest or dignified. What we should care about is whether he knows we are in a war, knows who the enemy is, and knows how to win. Trump does."

Trump's shared article also turns the fear that voters have of Trump becoming "another Hitler" or a "dictator" into a positive "reason for hope." The writer says Trump's enemies "rightly fear" what he and his party will accomplish, calling it a "counterrevolution." Kind of sounds like an insurrection:

"His enemies hate him with an indescribable fierceness. “Another Hitler,” they say, “elect him and he will be a dictator.” We should take this hysteria as reason for hope. The America-haters rightly fear that he and his party are on the threshold of a successful counterrevolution."


It's just unfathomable how deranged his supporters are.
March 14, 2024

Trump's RNC officially kills the GOP's mail-in voter effort

Source: https://www.msnbc.com

In a victory for the extremist wing of the Republican Party, it looks like Donald Trump’s hand-picked leadership team at the Republican National Committee has officially scrapped the GOP’s plan to encourage early voting this election cycle. Instead, the party is taking steps to prioritize legal challenges to voting systems ahead of November.

As part of the layoffs and budget cuts carried out this week by the newly installed leadership team, they are shuttering a program dedicated to mail-in voting, according to The Washington Post. The significance, of course, is that Trump has pushed false claims that mail-in voting is rife with voter fraud since 2020, months before he lost the election to Joe Biden. Ever since the election, Trump has continued to spread conspiracy theories that mail-in voter fraud cost him that race. In reality, there’s ample evidence that allowing people to vote by mail doesn’t have a partisan effect (and if it does, data shows the impact appears to favor Republicans).

Nonetheless, the Post reported that the “Bank Your Vote” program, which was designed to encourage Republicans to vote early, is over with: "A nationwide network of community outreach centers, once a fixture of the party’s efforts to attract minority voters, will be shuttered or refocused on get-out-the-vote efforts. The much heralded “Bank Your Vote” program, aimed at getting Republicans to vote early, will shift to a “Grow The Vote” program focused more on expanding the party’s outreach to less likely Trump voters."

Former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel was a staunch supporter of the "Bank Your Vote" program, which may be one of the many reasons she was ousted. The “Grow the Vote” program appears to be a way for Republicans to continue their mission of getting “low information, low propensity voters” — specifically those who don’t typically vote — to the polls this November. (It’s like Republicans have just rediscovered voter outreach or something.)

Read more: https://www.msnbc.com/the-reidout/reidout-blog/main-in-voting-bank-your-vote-republicans-rcna143291

March 12, 2024

The Hur transcipt shows Biden to be a very intelligent, caring and dedicated man

"I have read the transcript. I suggest you do too. It left me with the impression of a hyper-intelligent, joking, caring man who is dedicated to "doing things right," as he interprets them. He also loves his family. And he likes to tell long stories. I can personally relate."


This thread is great
"Here is Biden describing the file-drawer problem in biomedical research, such that he is telling Hur that he has identified a problem in the field: the non-publication of non-significant scientific results. This is graduate-level knowledge. Then he goes further & discusses NIH $."

February 25, 2024

It seems like is the US is selling weapons to Israel, not just giving them for free as military aid

Yet I keep hearing how the US is actively supplying Israel with weapons, like we're just giving them away without restrictions because (as so many on the left say) that Biden wants to enable Israel's genocide.

My question is-- is there a meaningful difference between selling and giving? (I think there is)
And do we know if there is any restriction on what the US is selling to Israel?

February 8, 2024

WTF happened in the Speical Counsel Report on Biden? All the wingnuts are going nuts about some passages suggesting

Biden was mentally incompetent. Is this some freaking hitjob???

The best I can think is it's taken horribly out of context or they interviewed him when was still suffering depression from Beau's death.

President Harris is trending. I'm so confused what happened here without seeing the report.

Adding-- here's a response from the WH lawyer

February 7, 2024

Republican Lies ABout "Open Borders" Fueled the Border Immigration Crisis

Because of course!

"Disinformation about “open border” policies is helping spur a massive wave of Central American migrants to take the perilous journey north to the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a poll by America’s Voice, a national advocacy group pushing for immigration reform.

The poll, obtained by The Dallas Morning News, indicates many Central American residents are encouraged to travel up to the U.S.-Mexico border based on false narratives.

About 8 in 10 Central Americans surveyed said they have heard, read or seen what is happening at the border, according to the poll, and about two-thirds said they have heard or read about U.S. asylum policies."

it's freaking Republicans who are pushing this disinformation!


January 31, 2024

Justice delayed is justice denied-- because of corrupt conservative judges

from Josh Marshall --

"... the federal judiciary has failed the country in allowing a renegade ex-president to nullify federal law by means of a more or less open policy of endless delay by means of frivolous motions, appeals and more. As the old adage has it, justice delayed is justice denied. This hasn’t simply been during his criminal prosecutions, which I will discuss in a moment. It stretched over the time of his presidency as well. We know that during his presidency President Trump filled the federal judiciary with a slew of right-wing judges, many of them out-and-out corrupt. He also corrupted the Supreme Court with his unprecedented three appointments in a single term. But here I’m not even talking about right-wing Republican judges who often appear partial to Donald Trump’s ideological aims and frequently his narrower electoral ones as well. We know for instance that Judge Aileen Cannon, a corrupt and transparently partisan Trump appointee, has more or less single-handedly sabotaged the classified documents prosecution. Set that all aside. What I’m talking about are the fair-minded judges who allow a mix of institutional courtesy, established practice and inertia to allow Trump to make a mockery of the criminal justice system.


What prompts me to write today is the fate of the primary federal charges against Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. When I say “primary” here I mean to signify that the charges related to his attempted coup are far graver than those tied to his post-defeat handling of classified documents. Trump has mounted an appeal based on the outlandish proposition that Presidents are simply immune from prosecution, period. They can’t be prosecuted while in office, which is generally accepted. And, he argues, they can’t be prosecuted afterwards either. There are some technical niceties involved in the arguments. But that’s the gist and the technical points don’t improve the argument. It is simply not a credible argument. And it doesn’t need to be because the point is delay — the ongoing effort to push the prosecution into the window of time in which a newly elected Trump could make the case go away.


Jack Smith tried to take the appeal directly to the Supreme Court because it is a case of obvious national importance and it is certain it will eventually end up there. The Court declined to skip over the review by the DC Circuit, apparently with the support of the three justices appointed by Democrats. The expectation had been that the DC circuit would deliver a decision within days since it had already expedited the process to move quickly. That was three weeks ago. No one knows what’s happening or when a decision might be rendered. The Supreme Court could obviously scuttle the whole case in various ways but the argument is so weak that seems unlikely. And it’s not entirely clear that four let alone five justices would want to help Trump in this way. But even the DC Circuit seems to be taking its time.


It is not like this is slow by normal standards. It’s quite fast. But it’s not a normal case. And we’re all out of excuses. Justice delayed is justice denied. They’ve failed. Let’s just state it clearly."


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