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MLAA's Journal
MLAA's Journal
November 28, 2023

Dr Biden's White House Holiday decorations are beautiful and feature books and reading.

One of my favorite vignettes is this scene of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.

October 30, 2023

Long-serving GOP legislator indicted on child sex charges in North Dakota


The longest-serving state senator in North Dakota history has been indicted on federal charges related to child pornography.

Ray Holmberg, a Republican who resigned last spring, was charged in an indictment unsealed Monday with travel with the intent to engage in illicit sexual activity and receipt of child pornography after investigators showed he traded scores of text messages with a convicted sex offender, reported KFGO-TV.

The indictment claims Holmberg traveled to the Czech Republic to engage with sex with a minor and knowingly received child sex abuse materials between June 2011 and November 2016.
October 22, 2023

Master class snark, by a republican no less.

A common trait among republicans in my humble opinion is a lack of sense of humor. Well, here’s one who pulled together some Grade-A snark:


In a letter addressed to his eight "wayward colleagues," McClintock took the "martyrs" to task.

"Your letter of October 20, in which you graciously offer to martyr yourselves as long as you can get your way, is perhaps the most selfless act in American history," he began in the letter. "We truly don't deserve you."

The congressman also sarcastically needled the notion that the minority should be controlling the rest of the GOP conference.

"But your sacrifice is not in vain," the letter says. "You have succeeded in replacing the outdated concept of majority rule with an exciting new standard that a Speaker must be elected by 98.2 percent of the Republican conference."

He continued:

"Someday, a messiah will be born unto us who can achieve this miraculous threshold, and on that day your judgment will be vindicated and you will be hailed as the geniuses that you are."

September 16, 2023

I didn't get off as easily as I thought after the new Covid vax yesterday. Question for healthcare

professionals / scientists.

In my post yesterday I confidently declared the newest Covid vax (plus flu shot) had milder side effects than past shots. I spoke too soon! I had light chills in the wee hours and a slight headache. Tylenol did the trick. Even felt well enough to go see the Equalizer movie (it was great but quite violent so not for the faint of heart). Got home and chills came back and nagging light headache returned. It got me thinking, my husband who weights 150 to my 95 pounds never has side effects. Since we are never asked our weights, I assume we are given the same amount of vaccine. Could it be because I’m getting much more vaccine per pound than he is?


Still thrilled we got vaxxed despite the small inconvenience of being under the weather.

September 15, 2023

We got the new Covid Booster today along with Flu shots.

I went to pick up husband’s prescription at Walgreens. While there I asked when the new booster would be available and they said they got it today and asked if I wanted one. I said yes! Plus I’d love to get my husband and sister in. It took a few minutes but the pharmacy tech set up the appointments for ‘later that day’ and gave me paperwork for the 3 of us. I drove home, filled out the paperwork (2 mins per person) and back we went.

Husband has COPD so I’m thrilled to get the new booster so quickly along with flu shot.

August 24, 2023

Those who underestimate DA Fani Willis do so at their own risk: I'm looking at you Meadows & Chesebro.

Meadows asks for a delay in surrendering himself in Atlanta because he is so sure a judge will agree to move the proceedings to a Federal court and ultimately drop the charges because he was only doing his job.

“I am not granting any extensions,” Willis wrote back to Meadows’ lawyers, per the court filing. “I gave 2 weeks for people to surrender themselves to the court. Your client is no different than any other criminal defendant in this jurisdiction. The two weeks was a tremendous courtesy. At 12:30 pm on Friday I shall file warrants in the system. ”

Meadows and his co-defendant, Jeffrey Clark, a former assistant attorney general, say their federal jobs provide immunity from state-level criminal charges. Meadows asked U.S. District Judge Steve Jones to move his case to federal court or stop Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from arresting him.

DA Willis responded almost immediately in her filing: Meadows “can offer no plausible federal defense,” and his arranging Trump’s call with Watson “was clearly political activity prohibited by the Hatch Act.” further she writes that at no point did Trump or Meadows “cite or acknowledge any federal authority concerning the topics discussed.” Her detailed filing point by point shutting down Meadows must have been sitting in her draft folder because as soon as Meadows played this move to Federal Court card she must have hit the send key. She and her team are way ahead of Meadows and his co-indicted idiots. She also eviscerated Chesebro calling out his Federal and State legal understanding incompetence

Now Chesebro asked for a speedy trial and stated he would be ready October 23.

DA Willis saw his bet and raised him one by asking the Judge to schedule the trial for all 19 defendants on that date. So far the Judge has only agreed on the date for Chesebro.

This smart, no-nonsense, woman is not to be underestimated by anyone. Anyone includes news personalities and pundits.

August 16, 2023

DA Fani Willis Barbie

Came across this and I want one!


August 15, 2023

Per Rachel: Trump indicted +others. I caught some of the names.

Trump indicted along with several others, Giuliani, Cheeseborough, Ellis, Meadows plus names I didn’t recognize/catch.

August 15, 2023

Fani Willis's press room is now being set up live for her to give a press release.

Live film of people setting up the microphones etc.

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