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Name: Martin Johnson
Gender: Do not display
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Charlottesville, VA
Member since: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 02:30 PM
Number of posts: 17,313

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Martin Johnson Charlottesville, VA

Journal Archives

Republicans confuse Critical Race Theory and History. It's just a blast on the old dog whistle

to warn other racists that liberals want children to study actual history in school, and that would be dangerous to their sly plot to pretend not to be racists and prevent their children from learning the truth.

I've already been blocked once for saying what I thought about Manchin, and found guilty by

a jury of my DU peers. He's a Democrat so we are not allowed to cast aspersions on his loyalty to the party. Just a warning to everybody out there.

You don't quite understand. Hunters don't jump into their vehicles to catch up with their dogs. They

follow the hunt by gps as they drive along a road below the hollows and ridges along the way. They wait until the bear has been exhausted (the hounds have stopped because the at bear is at bay) to get out of their vehicles and walk up thee hill to shoot a bear at bay. That's like playing a video game. Sure, the bear sometimes gets away, and a dog or two might be killed or injured, but it's a fun way to spend time together with your buddies. Before you cut the sole off that bear's foot, and extract an organ or two, to sell in the black market trade in Chinese medicine. One of those gangs was busted, and it turned out the sons of some well-respected local families were represented among the poachers that were arrested. But then, that's the country. My parents lived in that area and hounds often got separated from the pack and came begging for a meal. They'd call the number on the tag and they'd pick it up the next day.

I'm sorry, but I think every citizen has an obligation to keep themselves informed. It isn't that

difficult. Listen to NPR, subscribe to the Washington Post (or their online version). It's not that hard. DU is not a news site. It is focused on interpretation of the news and political opinion. That's what I'm here for. Sometimes I do find new or breaking news on DU, but it is usually the interpretation of news and the discussion of that which brings me to DU. Finding one or two reliable sources and consulting them on a regular basis is essential to understanding and engaging in the post on DU.

These violence-addicted power trippers make me sick. They should all be in jail instead of on the

streets in uniform carrying a gun and assaulting innocent Americans.

This video is an excellent record of the sequence of events that took place during the Jan 6

insurrection. It is very difficult to watch at times, and it brings home the fact that this was a very large mob of people, many of them who were determined to overturn the election by violently forcing their way into the Capitol and wreaking violence upon the Congress men and women who were gathered there to finalize the election. The violence was targeted and purposeful, and one can't help but feel the courage, fear, and pain the small group of unarmed Capitol Police must have felt in the face of overwhelming numbers and unrelenting violence. Donald Trump should pay for this treasonous act agains our country. He methodically and deliberately invited thousands of supporters to a series of emotional speeches that convinced them the election had been stolen and then directed them to storm the Capitol and force Democrats and reluctant Republicans to overturn the election results.

I don't "obsessively hate" Donald Trump. I believe he he has proven to be a clear and present danger

to American Democracy, that he weakened the United States domestically and abroad, that he connived to profit from taxpayer money to enrich himself, his family and his cronies, that he incessantly lied to the American people many times a day during his campaign and then while in office, and that he planned and executed an attempt to stop the vote count and overturn the 2020 election by inciting his armed followers to storm the capitol and capture or kill the Congress men and women who were engaged in the constitutional process of counting electoral votes and certifying the election results.

It might not be so simple for Trump to pardon his children and Giuliani

Good article on the presidential pardon power in the Washington Post. While both Nixon and Reagan administration officials were given blanket pardon, neither was challenged in court. There is good reason to believe the Supreme Court might no allow Trump blanket pardons if they are challenged in court.

"...based on the Framers’ original understanding of the pardon authority, the better reading is that, while the pardon power grants the president expansive authority, that power is not unlimited. Most importantly, the Framers would have understood that pardons must be issued for specific crimes. They were not intended to be broad grants of immunity, get-out-of-jail-free cards bestowed by presidential grace.

In the case of his family and personal lawyer, such a list might prove embarrassing to the president — and edifying to the public. In this way, specificity raises the political costs of issuing such pardons. It also reduces the pardon’s effectiveness. Should a relevant offense be left off the list, the pardon’s recipient would be vulnerable to prosecution.

The Supreme Court has never ruled on the specificity requirement, and the question of the validity of any blanket pardon by Trump would come up only if a federal prosecutor seeks to indict a pardon recipient who raises the pardon as a barrier to prosecution.
But if the issue were to arise, there is a significant possibility that a court, dominated by self-identified originalists, would invalidate the use of blanket pardons. This possibility should make Trump pause before offering such pardons to friends and family. But it also leaves him in a bind. Should he attempt to specify each and every federal crime committed by his children or lawyer? Or is that a gift too costly even for Trump to consider?"


The US didn't reform Germany. Germany reformed Germany. Japan is a completely different culture.

After suffering a humiliating defeat, they put their heads down, their shoulders to the wheel, and started rebuilding. They have never accepted any blame for WWI and the atrocities they committed in other Asian countries. The Japanese still claim they were the victims of the war, and point to the atomic bombing as proof. China and South Korea regularly complain about Japanese school textbooks that downplay the country's role in the war. Multiple nations still criticize Japan for never taking full blame for forcing women in the countries they invaded into prostitution to service their troops. Germany, on the other hand, has taken full blame for the Holocaust, integrated a full account of their crimes in textbooks at every grade level in their schools, and the legal system forbids Holocaust denial and Nazi glorification.

Marco Rubio is already suiting up for the politics of destruction

Great column by Fred Hiatt in the Washington Post this morning about what he terms Rubio's "profile in cowardice." Some excerpts:

Let’s say you’re a Republican senator who claims to support democracy and U.S. leadership in the world.

Let’s imagine, too, that you’ve spent four years excusing and supporting a president who fawned over North Korea’s odious dictator, encouraged China’s ruling tyrant to build his concentration camps, took the word of Russia’s strongman over U.S. intelligence agencies and celebrated the Saudi despot who orchestrated the dismemberment of a dissident journalist. And let’s posit that, on top of all that, you’ve been a profile in cowardice as your president tried to nullify a democratic election here at home.

Now the president-elect appoints a team of seasoned, moderate foreign policy experts who support democracy and American leadership in the world.
How do you respond?

Here is the way Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) actually greeted the new team: “Biden’s cabinet picks went to Ivy League schools, have strong resumes, attend all the right conferences & will be polite & orderly caretakers of America’s decline.”

I suppose this sour, graceless tweet shouldn’t surprise us...But there is something particularly galling about this instant pivot to attack mode from senators who couldn’t even bring themselves to acknowledge the results of the election — who have stood by or cheered as President Trump has attempted to overturn those results.

...If Trump’s coup attempt has failed, it is because his defeat was so decisive — and because those state and local officials had the integrity and courage to resist Trump’s pressure.

But here’s the essential point: Almost no Republicans on the national stage had the integrity or courage to offer backup for these local officials. Almost none of them gave the public any reason to hope that if Trump’s effort to steal the election state by state had gained traction, they would have stood against it.


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