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Profile Information

Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: UsofA
Current location: Midwest
Member since: Sat Apr 15, 2017, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 4,319

About Me

And I got a performer recumbent this last summer.

Journal Archives

Laura bashes kansaas pot policys....


Mahomes is da bomb...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs pulled out a tough and physical win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday Night Football to improve to 6-2 on the season and tie the Buffalo Bills for the best record in the AFC.

The win came in overtime and took a record-breaking performance from quarterback Patrick Mahomes to earn every point.

Mahomes threw a career-high 68 pass attempts and completed a career-high 43 of them. It is tied for the third-most pass attempts in an NFL game in league history.

Ran the final td and 2 point conversion himself.

Spanish NFL announcer....

Last two sunday night nfl games I've had a spanish announcer calling the game. This is out of no where.

No announcement by the nfl, no explanation prior to the game. I've check all the tv settings with the

remote and the only settings for language (2) are both set on english.

Any suggestions? This is only happening on one air channel (nbc?)and only on these sunday night football games.


Youtube tv...accessing on my tab and tv...

I don't have tbs..which is the channel my kansas jayhawks will be on tomorrow. So I download a free trial of of youtube tv. I have the list of channels on the youtube website, but I need to be able to play the stations on my tv and my
galaxy tab a. Haven't figured it out yet. And same for the tv. At one time i managed to get the internet on the samsung tv but can't remember how? Any suggestions? tia

Blue Origin CEO to visit Wichita on Wednesday..

Usually a good thing to be a city on a billionaires radar...


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) will host Blue Origin CEO Dr. Bob Smith in Wichita on Wednesday.

Sen. Moran will showcase the talent and suppliers already in Wichita with the hopes that Blue Origin will bring more work to the area, and possibly even establish a location in the city.

On Wednesday, Dr. Smith will visit Globe Engineering Company, Harlow Aerostructures, Metal Finishing Company and Accurus Aerospace, which is already a supplier for Blue Origin.

Blue Origin is the aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company founded by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. He and three others will be on Blue Origin’s first passenger spaceflight on July 20.

A stupid crashes the tour....



Fight breaks out at Wichita Open qualifying event at Sand Creek Station in Newton

Find your own ball #%$%#...

"WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A Wichita Open qualifying event at Newton’s Sand Creek Station drew national attention Monday for reasons unrelated to the quality of play. A golf blog called The Firepit Collective was the first to report on a fight that broke out between two players. That fight led to an arrest.

Eyewitness News is working to confirm details within the report. So far, The Firepit Collective reports the fight was between two players during the middle of a qualifier for the Korn Ferry Tour’s Wichita Open. The report said the fight was over one player not helping the other look for a lost golf ball. USA Today picked up on the report, which is catching steam on social media.

The report says a player named Austin Dailey hit a wayward shot and couldn’t find his ball. Then, it says, another player and the player’s father, both in the group, didn’t help look for the ball when a third player did. The blogger reports Dailey approached Luke Smith and Smith’s father, telling them that helping to look for errant shots might speed up the group. The Smiths then allegedly began to yell at Dailey about his play and as Dailey walked away, Luke Smith reportedly jumped on Dailey and started to punch him."


I don't get it...

I would certainly like to get the covid vaccination...Not just for my protection but for others.

The problem is I am a chronic asthmatic. Heavy allergies...and I take a "controller"..ie

symbicort as a steroid. So I dig around to find out how this med could affect me..Found this;

"Should people with asthma get the COVID-19 vaccine?
Yes, says board-certified allergist Purvi Parikh, MD, national spokesperson for Allergy & Asthma Network. People with underlying medical conditions such as asthma can receive the COVID-19 vaccine as long as they have not had an immediate or severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or any of its ingredients."

"as long as they have not had an immediate or severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or any of its ingredients."

How the fuck am I supposed to know that without taking the shot?.

This is like when your computer goes down and the phone help line references you to web sites for a fix...duh....

Anyone got sunshine?

Haven't had much in 2 weeks and the forecast is for clouds and rain for another week.

My flowers are punkin out and my mighty mule gate opener, which uses a 10 watt

solar charger..won't work...Need to mow but the snapper gets plugged in wet grass.

Dang! Guess I'll have to watch Michelson win another golf major....

Kelly vetoes plan reserving federal COVID-19 relief funds for Kansas businesses

Kansaas big biz doesn't have the leash on Laura like they did sammy brownbutt...

Citing federal rules, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed lawmakers’ last-minute effort to require the state, counties and cities to set aside part of their federal COVID-19 aid to pay businesses harmed by public health orders.

The bill, passed in the final hours of the Legislative session in early May, would have created a three-member board to review business requests for relief using a quarter of the state’s relief dollars and 35% of county and city federal funding for compensation.

The only public information about the review process would be what companies received funds and how much.

In a statement Friday, Kelly said the bill was “well-intentioned” but violated federal rules by placing conditions on local governments’ use of the money, including to “resolve potential legal claims against state or local governments.”

Interim rules published by U.S. Treasury Department prohibit states from placing requirements or conditions on local government use of the latest round of COVID-19 relief funds.
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