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MomInTheCrowd's Journal
MomInTheCrowd's Journal
April 10, 2024

Let's plant the seed with MAGA voters...

Vote for RFK Jr to defeat Biden!

December 13, 2023

Michael Cohen's former attorney ordered to explain citing cases the judge believes don't exist

Source: CNN

A federal judge has ordered Michael Cohen’s former attorney to explain where he came up with the court cases cited in Cohen’s request for early termination of supervised release, saying as far as the judge can tell “none of these cases exist.”

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2023/12/13/politics/michael-cohen-former-attorney-cases/index.html

Might undermine Cohen’s credibility in the New York attorney generals’ civil fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump…
August 25, 2023

Orange Steel

August 17, 2023

Stephanie, Thom, Randi - Stop it!

It is not Fani Willis’ indictment- it is an indictment by the Grand Jurors on behalf of the people of Georgia!

March 19, 2023

Gives me Hope: Different ways to map our voting population - from 2018

I remembered these maps today and it helped me realize, again, how much Election Reform would help us become a stronger democracy.

My favorite is the "Blended America" map deeper in the article.


"Rather than illustrating where the like-minded people live, Nelson wanted to create a map that would show where the vote was closest---where lots of people with different viewpoints live side-by-side. So he selected counties where the 2016 vote came down to plus or minus 5 percentage points. “I’ve heard these places called ‘battlegrounds,’ but I much prefer ‘blended,’” Nelson wrote in a blog post about the map.

To make the land masses look more like islands and less like box-shaped counties, he used the counties' Zip Code Tabulation Areas, which have more natural-looking borders, as a proxy. Zip Code Tabulation Areas are tools used by the Census Bureau to roughly approximate the land area associated with zip codes. Nelson labeled the big cities closest to these areas to orient viewers and called the map "The Blended America of 2016." It includes towns all across America, including Buffalo, Fresno, Grand Rapids, and Phoenix"

March 3, 2023

Wordle described as Horror Flick

Solving a Wordle is like a Horror Movie. It contains the 5 essential elements:


May 26, 2022

Texted to my RW propagandized brother last night

No reply yet- maybe he went off grid with some militia:

“Ok. I’m gonna say it. Just in case, you might want to get off of your right-wing radio, TV, and internet sites that have no real reporting to understand what made me finally say this.

Wish I had said it sooner.

The number one cause of death of children is guns. You have ZERO compassion for the little kids and parents who have to identify their schoolmates by their clothing or DNA because their face is blown off.

Fuck your evangelical Christian bullshit that actively kills and crushes rights of others, that fucks with my children’s right to feel safe at school, the movies, a concert, at the grocery store. You, and millions of others, have made an active decision to follow hate radio, hate TV, and hate social media. Your views, that you have stated outright to me, promote hate, ugliness, and pain. I want no relationship with your need to bow to propaganda of those whose soul purpose is to divide, just so you can look down on others….even vicariously.. like the cab driver with the bindi your friend experienced in NYC who is part of the melting pot of America. You brought that up to look down in that person, not to wonder about how beautiful America is. You are numb or dumb to this and it makes me eternally sad for both our kids.

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