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Mopar151's Journal
Mopar151's Journal
May 20, 2024

Why is this odd little car, and why is it's time coming again?

I have hillclimbed on the Vt State Park roads since 1978. The first thing folks notice when they come across our events? "You guys don't all race the same cars! You guys bring a bunch of really cool ones, all done up right!" Thus, "Mike Vecc" has brought out his Dad's old (1962) BMW 700! Largely 'cuz "Dad" loved "bench racing" with us, when he was alive.
The "Baby Beemer's" biggest fans were the "Top Guns" of out P-1 and F/L classes - we all want one for a "daily driver"! "Bad Fast" is a pain in the ass, and wallet, on the street, and not as much fun as some might think. And the little Beemer seems right! A modernised engine would have a bit more power, and sip less of "the precious". A small hybrid system might work well, but weight is an issue... In any case, here's a nice run up steep 'ol Mt. Ascutney (12% avg. grade), in a classic sports car! With 700cc, and about 50 hp.

A run group "on top, the BMW is foreground https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10168442306515034&set=pcb.10161989999903826&__cft__[0]=AZWPlCULy3nGokmuigyLBdNMmp0afVlS9dHoumEtGWHQOlWLC7yrJa8tz9cX0IT-T3BxT7PwthjQnhTyPelyJC2Z9EEUQGriYnvm_sC28IoTzwosA0gvYdai-Vc0f2h8FpsAQ0Oja3s73s9KKxhnjZaP9_halZmpm3w7g_iGLO8fpbhO1OM9TqhPnBw-Elqcs4ndNwZoVlrzem5WZ9QIhsGG&__tn__=*bH-R
My hot rod, in better times: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=3776740279274031&set=gm.10161986456223826&idorvanity=50242278825&__cft__[0]=AZUb0FqH6VvzHurroCeeenXrVSAsdf-fHCWYoRJeWPvx7RDplcQHT6PNne9au0P4brWtRW7CJhMmUy-O0lHRczsBHwi4iJAp-HuwBbZ2ZYQjyUYm8stFYTO97OHQTJ-su7r3hDM5ir9UFkEr9F8QAI6zVuK8G1HDXQeAuwjQS4VmzO7tr20ItlJCKr5cSt3ezGeQ1nMjXBvSVa9EKlhpFith&__tn__=EH-R
February 21, 2023

The apex of military AssHoliness was at the peak of the Cold War

Operation Northwind was an evil plot to preminently strike USSR with nuclear weapons. Collateral damage would be 60 Million ± Lives, heavy destruction on the East Coast.......It would kick off with a CIA specialty, a false flag attack!

When Kennedy got wind of it, he fired Allen Dulles, NSA, snd, IIRC Lyle Leminitzer, JCS. A few months later,
President Kennedy was dead, and Dulles is saying "Who did that little Kennedy think he was?"

LBJ was the snake of snakes, and he had several hands in the game at Dealy Plaza. But he got the generals to put the nukes down, kept Dulles on the bench, and dug into the work of desegregating his beloved South, ensuring an economic future.

August 23, 2022

The death of decency?

Last year, a new ownership group took over the operation of "Friendship Motor Speedway", a 4/10 mile red clay oval in Bristol, NC, area.
Now, stock car racing promoters are eternally optimistic, and spend perfectly good money on the hopes of drawing a good crowd, particularly on the participant side ("CAR COUNTS&quot . It is no easy business at the best of times, but the descent of a certain % of our population into public belligerence and goon behavior has certainly been felt in dirt racing. As observed in several leading publications, the Southeast is particularly burdened with these wastes of oxygen.

This announcement is to inform everyone that all remaining 2022 races at Friendship Motor Speedway have been cancelled. We are not going to blame tire shortages or the economy because we have consistently had some of the best car counts of anywhere in the Southeast. The honest reason is that we are not willing to put up with the disrespect and verbal abuse that some of the drivers, crew members and fans are directing to the track staff and owners.

As the season has gone on, we have dreaded race Saturdays. After this past weekend we decided we really don't have to unlock a gate for the track staff and ourselves to be cussed at, spit on, threatened, and disrespected. We are done, but here are some points you might want to consider when you race or attend events at other tracks.
Some key points that they listed included:

An encouraged group boycott of the track
Non-compliance with safety standards by fans
“Verbal abuse” towards employees from racers and fans
Fans entering without paying the price of admission
Racers failing to file the proper paperwork with the IRS
Littering at the track by fans
Vandalism of restrooms

April 23, 2022


Our new location in Kherson, at the former Russian Army Depot!

August 13, 2020

SpeedDemon shatters wheel-driven LSR! Incredible achievement!

Holy F-n WOW! The Speed Demon team, a who's who of hot rodders, just shattered the wheel-driven LSR At Bonneville Salt Flats. Here's a pic of the timing slip: [link:https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2756897817924954&id=100008142872037|]

Look here for video, more pics [link:https://www.facebook.com/speeddemon715/|

Website: [link:http://speeddemonracingteam.com|]

May 29, 2020

I've cracked the code!

A- merican
N - azi
T - errorist
I - nsurance
F - raud
A- djusters

Looks to me like the alt.right has turned those ugly old "Goon Squads", into a 21st century, full service, rapid response service, with brilliant "branding"!
"Terrorism is all about branding - and the psychology of lotteries!" William Gibson, "Zero History"

November 16, 2019

How low can we slither

I had hopes, for our species.

September 10, 2018

A new glossary is needed, from minds such as ours.

And I am BEGGING for input. Fox viewers are coming out of their comas, confused as a time travelers. Some of the things that they bellow as they flail about for a problem that can be shot indicate Ailes & Acolytes have so artfully topped off the GOP's 30 year plan/dogfight in a dumpster, that conventional labels no longer apply.

I would posit that what most of the bad guys want is a return to their idea of the antebellum south, with some sort of superannuated citizens in charge - a landed gentry. Of MEN. In a lovely closet, with fresh flowers.
The working ("2nd, if you please!&quot class are "free", but when life is cheap, take for nothing gets ugly. The gentry will draw armies, terrorists, orcs, and monsters from the folks who really do the work, and set them against each other so the do not rise up.
Lower down, we're looking at wretched souls. Chattel slavery will exist much more openly, debt bondage and indenture will be in the open.
What I'm sayin`, here, is that a lot of people seem to misunderstand "conservative" and "liberal", particularly their relationship. I do not see them as opposite polarities in their primary meanings, maybe as 30 degrees apart on the big circle. The bad guys "Con_federates", "Barbadians", WTF ever you call them, seem well out of alignment with the "classic" side (is that a good name?) - maybe 170 deg. off axis on the Tuttle/Dean line (If you want to have money to help folks, you can't be wastin' it.) May be known to some as "the wedge of reasonability"
I can see where a lot of the folks that work on the "conservative" side of reasonable might hang out well to the left of liberal now and then - there are bookstores and potlucks, it reminds some of Vermont. And folks, there are a whole lot of weekend wildlings that button it up 9-5 when they need to conform to the Norman. (A NH Fed. Bankruptcy judge got in a fender bender when he was in town.He got in some trouble, 'cuz he'd had wine and it was messing him up trying to drive in heels and a tight skirt. Word got around he was going to resign, calls came in "Don't worry, we all have hobbies, call a cab next time! And don't put on heels, or fancy boots, 'til you get to the club. Now get back here, we need a Judge&quot Now, that part over around the Incels and gun fetishists could be nasty. The Organic Venison Chefs are trying to get a protective order, or a fake address.
Comments in 3 2 ONE!

October 17, 2017

Kindness. Decency. Fairness, Thrift, RESPECT

These should be the guiding principles of out Party! Not that they aren't, but 1) it can be kind of hard to tell, B) Folks need to be reminded, often!

And, in these trying times, it is critical to note, that an antipathy to kindness and decency is at the heart of "modern""movement""Ayn Rand" conservatism. It's all Trump has ever known, it certainly shows.

Sexual harassment/assault/ bullying, Victim blaming, Stiffing vendors, cutting insurance and benefits, financial crimes - they all stem from the same sources, in the dark well of the soul. And they are only justifiable if you ignore principles, if favor of greed.

September 8, 2017

The aristocracy is pissed!

Yes, we have a ruling class! They despise Roosevelt above all, because he called "the moneyed interests" out for what they were. A little knowledge of history and economics shows us WHO.

In some respects, the Civil War was an attempt by the Barbadians (The "planters" who moved into the Carolinas from Barbados, many with links to the English aristocracy) and their successors and peers. They held slaves by divine (birth)right, and believed that they held absolute, life and death power on property they"owned". The Stand Your Ground ethos comes from this.

In the North, the largely WASP economic elite - robber barons, bankers, industrialists - took it upon themselves to act like aristocracy. It's easy to put names to this bunch. Certainly Prescott Bush, the DuPonts, and the Koch family were members. The Dulles brothers were the ultimate product of this system, Richard Nixon is an example of the sort of men they recruited to their cause.

Buchanan, Reagan, and the "Dixiecrats" are examples of the "useful idiots" they employed, coerced, or used like rented livestock if they appeared (Fr. Coughlin, Joe McCarthy) spontaneously.

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