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Member since: Mon Jan 27, 2020, 04:03 PM
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I guess we need to prepare

to become a dictator country since we lost when we won because we have two Dems who does not care because they don't seem to mind since they ignore how bad it has gotten with this Q Party and our voting rights. I fear we have already lost our country. I am so sick of listening to my sister claiming their King will be put back in office because he won and how weak and old our Joe is. I told her, has she forget how old her king is. She than had a nerve to say how weak Biden is by not getting things done and get this,;He is letting Putin play him because he is corrupt and lost to Trump because the people wanted a strong president who is not afraid of anything and can take care of business. I mean, I was shocked to realize my own sister is a Q supporter.

She did not say it but she is paddling the same crap they paddle in.What has this man done to these people to brain wash them so easily.I told her he must be the antichrist and she went all in on Joe Biden and Obama and all this nonsense and I just walked out of my older sisters house after bringing her fruit since she has been ill. She was defending my sister views, which really made me about to question am I sane.It is crazy and scary to see my family turn into whatever cult they are following.I am not going any further in the things they said because it will send my blood pressure up. They made me sick enough that I have now washed my hands of them. Sorry to keep venting but I am going through hell at home so much so, I only will watch Rachel and don't even watch all of that faithfully.I have the TV on sometimes and be doing other things unless something catches my eye .Sorry for venting.

This is too much

I just saw on Dateline that Trump still has people working in the Gov. who are feeding him his enemy list from Washington Post or NYT. They talked about how Trump and Wilbur messed up and corrupted the census report too and if the Dems do not hurry and do something about the voting rights, we will lose this country. I have lost hope,while my sister is still bitter because her man lost and keeps saying how weak and old Biden is and can't keep up with Trump. She is annoying many of our family because she watches Fox and pretends she don't. She also watch the other OAN because she sent me a video of some of their nonsense and I deleted it. I am scared for our country but won't show it around her. I lost another friend who feels the election was stolen and Trump won and just makes me sick.

This one says Biden is socialist and has people not wanting to work because he is giving away all the money. I told her that Trump gave all the money to the rich an she has not called back because I do not think like she do. I do not even talk politics around them. They bring it up and I now will stay out and tell them to just agree to disagree. Just sick of all of it and fear for our country and Machin and Senima whatever her name is do not shape up. We do not have a lot of time. I think the HR1 is more important then the Infrastructure because the insurrection party is lead by their insurrection in chief. I may be alone, but I do not want us to lose our country to these Maga folks or we are screwed.

what are the Democrats are going to do

to fix this situation with these voting laws these GOQ's are putting in place. They have gone cold hearted crazy to make sure their guy win and they stay in power. Where are we now with moving in to stop this voter suppression? Where do we go now and what can we do if Joe do not budge to give us the easy way out. I read somewhere that Turtle is encouraging his members to con and sweet talk Joe to keep the Filibuster in place.What do we do now because if we do not move someway, we may as well give up and go home because these insurrectionist will not give up power if they take it and we will stay in the minority. I am scared guys.

I try to stay away from some news

but my question is this:'What did Maxine Waters say to end this trial? I just can't think of anything that Aunt Maxine can say to make this trial end in hung jury. I could be wrong, but to hear on MSNBC on Nicole show, It sounded like Maxine words could swing the trial. What did she say and when did she say it? I want to judge for myself because I can't imagine any Democrat saying anything worst than the Q lady. I could be wrong.

Look at the dates of the cops who stopped

look at the cops who stopped the Army Officer for a stupid tag? Look at the dates this happened? It was December right?That was around the time Trump had lost the election and was trying to overthrow the Government. This man fits the profile of a stone cold Trump cop pissed Trump lost the election and wanted to take it out on this black man in uniform. I can't get this out of my head. I think all these killings since Trump was in office was some of the ones who listened to this crazy raciest and felt comfortable doing this.Thoughts please?

Could congress in regard to the election stealing

could they refuse to not count the election as legitimate because of how GA and other states are trying to block POC from voting? They can say that their votes will be thrown out because they changed the rules to disfranchise voters and they chose not to be in the Union and they are on their own,meaning no help from the government because they choose to ruin the union and declare their allegiance to one man as their idol and should refer to him as their leader and be no part of the union?

If we can't do anything about the HR1 or voting rights bill what else is there to do except do what they would have done. I want the Dems to come out swinging because we are already on the edge of not knowing how long we will have both houses with so many older in the senate .

Fight like they do or they will roll over us and we will not have a country because they changed the rules and out played us. I fear we are moving to slow and giving them a edge because they fight better and dirty they win while we just wait it out by law,which is why we lose. In your opinion,what can the Dems be doing to get through this mess? I fear Joe will change parties since he votes and are friends with a lot of the GOQ ,and it would work for him. I see no options for us and it seems like we are still fighting to win the majority,or feels like we are in the minority. .JMHO.

Why is Morning Joe is talking more about voting rights than

our elected officials. I do not get it. This should come before infrastructure or anything else after the 1.9 covet relief bill. I am glad he ,Rachael,and others is talking about it. I am with Joe when he is putting it out there for this should be DEm's next bill. One talking head said to get this in gear-work on changing the filibuster. He talks about this bill more then any Democrat I have seen do. I honesty agree that this should be top priory.

Give Machin and Senna or whatever her name is,what they want to modify the FB and get this signed into law pronto. I feel if this were GOQ they would be on this the moment they passed the tax cut. We may not get another chance with all the rigging these states are doing to hold power and make sure we never get in power again. They have Trump pulling their strings behind the scenes. I saw somewhere that Trump said, they will win big.As well as he misses being President.They are trying to give him power for life and them to keep power themselves. As long as they pick and choose whom they want to count the ballots, we are done. If we do not move now,it is going to be too late. My fear is the older ones in our party could be checked out.No offense to the older senators,but our party is not getting any younger. Why do you think Trump is putting Sarah Palin out there to run for Senate? I feel we need to move now or we are going to be history. Look at Ruth B on the SC and how she died before the next election.We do not have time on our side I feel. I pray this post do not offend anyone,if so than I apologize now. Also my spell check is not working for me, so please excuse my spelling.

Opinion on the border

What can Biden administration can do to fix the border problem before the evil run ads on it as they are already gearing up to do it seems.

When are we passing the HR1

This needs more attention from congress.I am happy with the bills they are passing, but this voting rights bill is one of the most important bills that will affect all our lives from generation to generation.Have anyone heard or read anything about this bill in the news because except a few MSNBC and CNN Cuomo, I have not heard anything else.

Should DNC hire Lincoln Project

guys left to do our messaging for us. Steve is now a Democrat now and should be put to use as well as Rick wilson.Thoughts?
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