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NoMoreRepugs's Journal
NoMoreRepugs's Journal
December 9, 2014

Here goes my long held idea -

want to eliminate voter suppression and the rollback of civil rights in America's South?
Figure out a way to have the top 100 HIGH SCHOOL athletes in football and basketball each year sign a pledge that will not accept a scholarship from a school residing in a state that practices obvious voter suppression/civil rights abuses - I 100% GUARANTEE that states like Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, etc. - will immediately reverse their horrid practices because the fervor with which they support and follow their college teams is something that is of tantamount importance to them.

August 15, 2014

Jeff9K - Excuse me but are you new to our planet?

Do you understand the carnage these weapons cause when they are in the hands of individuals that aren't in a combat zone? No amount of safety training for the donut munchers is going to override the swelling in their pants over having overwhelming superior firepower - why do you think so many ex-military go into law enforcement?? To serve and protect? I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps (71-77) as a battalion armorer and practically saw no one I thought should have had a weapon in their hands outside in the 'real' (civilian) world...

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