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Member since: Mon Jun 24, 2019, 02:40 PM
Number of posts: 274

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Got my first shot

Moderna vaccine. Mahalo nui to the Hilo VA!

tRumpers on Oahu

Apparently there is a contingent of "Proud Boys" on Oahu. There was a report of their leader being arrested on the mainland. Any news about an armed group showing up at the capitol building?

We do have some tRumpers around Hilo, not very many, certainly not waving guns.

Ballots are here!

Just arrived in the mail. We will drop our completed ballots at the county building on Monday. Finally! Aloha everyone!

Just have a think

A refreshing and well done presentation


Why you feel so good? Blues music, das why

Lovely Luna covers Jimi

A taste of Cambodia

Gaming the system

Hawaii has gone from less than 200 visitors a day to more than 2000! Ask yourself, why is this happening? I have a friend who recently moved to Hawaiʻi, and went through the mandatory 2 week quarantine. He was contacted 3 times by telephone, and was following the guidelines, but he could have been doing ANYTHING! Now that people are aware of the lax follow-up, they are coming into the state and doing most of the things they would do on a regular vacation. I have seen some of these visitors around the Big Island, no masks, and wandering about like normal. We had 207 reported cases on 8/3, with several days in a row reporting triple digits. People are so stupid. Aloha.

Luna rocks!

Blues from Japan

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