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Member since: Thu Jul 7, 2016, 02:26 AM
Number of posts: 344

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Damn; I clicked on Colbert for like the last ten seconds of Ellen Page.

Anyone got the whole vid?

Watching the PBS show The Dictator's Playbook.

Episode three Benito Mussolini; my first impression,


Well at least it ended well.

Sherrod Brown will be here with an announcement?

What is being teased on Chris Hayes?

I know what I hope it is.

The Comet TV link for people in the St. Louis area.


You may have to refresh the page or click the "Watch Live" link in the upper left corner.

Your corporate bickering won't get in the way of my late night Johnny Sokko funtime you capitalist pigdogs.

Hail Unicorn!!!

Americans For Prosperity funded the push for Right to Work laws.

This same group is now paying for anti Claire McCaskill ads.
This seems like something we should be broadcasting 24/7.

First do no harm; Democrats won primaries today.

Some of the Democratic candidates who won today may be a little to the right of you; others may be to the left of you.
All of them are now our candidates. How you feel about individual candidates doesn't matter now, they are all now our bulwark against RWNJs. Infighting never fixed anything for us.
It's time to VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!!!!!

Yeah I watch Bill Maher's show,

but right now he's molly coddling a trans-phobic anti birth control RWNJ asswipe for justifying his crybaby whining about a handful of people under forty not laughing at a few of his outdated grandpa jokes.

#CheetoBenito is scared of being impeached;

have some airstrikes you non-christian bastards.
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