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Name: Ken
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cartersville, GA
Member since: Fri Aug 23, 2019, 06:44 PM
Number of posts: 219

Journal Archives

Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux, 7th District GA

I attended the Representative's Town Hall today, and came away pessimistic. She touted the bipartisan Infrastructure bill, but would not commit to supporting the larger reconciliation package. The house was packed with young environmental/climate change activists so she said she would support the environmental elements of the package, but no on Medicare for all, maybe on family leave, and maybe on social justice issues if someone can figure out how to pay for them.

I dont have a knee-jerk negative reaction to bipartisanship, but I would rather that our Democrats remember their party affiliation, and who sent them to DC.

As it seems that GOP efforts to stifle Democratic voters in many states, doesn't it seem obvious...

...that our efforts should be focused at thwarting their actual restrictions, state to state.

Where two ID's are required, we've got to help folks get those ID's.

Where access to polling places is restricted, we have to help folks get to polls.

We need to know the new laws and work to get around them.

Light a fire under our voters by reminding them that their vote is no only support for a candidate, but the best and only effort to defeat white supremacist efforts to take away their right to vote.

We have to generate test court cases against practices such as giving voters bottles or water, or rides to the polls. Try these cases early in case appeals are needed.

The most troubling changes to laws involve GOP Legislative bodies taking over the procedure, particularly when they strip local election apparatus.

Yes, fight the efforts in court, but if they are successful in their attempts, we have to fight them on the ground by working around their efforts.

Just a thought.

Today is the 49th anniversary of the failed Watergate Break-In.

As well as the birthday of Newt Gingrich, Barry Manilow, and Joe Pescipo.

Oh, and me. It's my birthday too.

Happy Flag Day.

Shes a grand old flag!!!!!!!

Hillary murdered Vince. Obama was born in Kenya. COV-19 is Chinese bio-weapon.

But we should wait for more than just a video clip before we decide if Ahmaud Arbrey was actually murdered.

The twists of "logic" you must employ to be a reich-winger is astounding.

OMG!!! He dyed his hair silver and took the orange off!!

I believe he's altering his appearance to flee the jurisdiction!!!!

Pres. Obama, Biden, Hunter Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Hillary, Soros, Bill Gates.......

Just making a list of the people that Trump's investigators will find secretly involved with the WHO and thus responsible for his killing tens of thousands of Americans.

I can see it coming a mile away.

Rep. Vernon Jones (D) endorses Trump for President!?!?!?

This asshole has got to go!!!


Trump should distribute WIN Buttons!!!

Whip Infection Now!!!

Wonder how many DUers are old enough to remember...
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