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Member since: Mon Oct 3, 2005, 12:33 PM
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Immortal Day (Immortal Gaming, LLC)

this is kind of a public service announcement. i have a close friend who had a very bad experience with this game and the company that runs it. here's an excerpt from his review.

If you're going to pay money to play a game, your money will be much better spent with another company--one that treats its gamers as valued clients and not like trash.

Both games (Immortal Night and Immortal Day) are technically solid with only a few remaining bugs, and management is vigilant in maintainig the game code. Downtimes are short, server crashes are rare, game events are regular and occasionally interesting, but none of this can make up for the way you are likely to be treated by the game’s administrators. If you like vampires and werewolves, and if you're lucky enough to never encounter the game's management, you will be fine, I suppose, but if you ever need their assistance, you will be made to feel like dirt for bothering them, and they won’t care one bit if you are upset about the way they treat you. They will call you (publicly) a “whiny bish.”

Trust me on this. Immortal Day is not worth your time and money.

Full review: http://www.vandea.net/immortalday.html

i am still playing this one myself, but i am having second thoughts now. happy gaming!
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