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Member since: Thu Mar 23, 2017, 09:34 PM
Number of posts: 177

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Son of a union leader and life-long democrat

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What is the official Biden position on expanding the medicare to age 60?

I know it has been reported, and he has said, that that is what he would like to do.
However, this is all I could find on the website:

Plans for Retirees and Older Americans
Protect Medicare as we know it. Today, Medicare provides health insurance coverage to over 60 million older Americans and people with disabilities. As president, Biden will continue to defend our nationís commitment to older Americans and people with disabilities through Medicare, and he will keep Medicare as a separate and distinct program, and ensure there is no disruption to the current Medicare system.

I looked all over his website and this was the closest I can come and it doesnít say anything about lowering the age.
I KNOW whatís been reported.
But what is the official stance?

I have a close friend that hasn't voted yet (trumper)

I thought Joe said he wants to bring the starting age for Medicare to 60. That would be important to him.
When I looked at the Biden-Harris Official Website earlier today I didnít find that.
Did I miss it or was I mis-informed?

Our Ballots Are In

Mailed our ballots a couple weeks ago, Indiana web site reports that they have them.

Edited to add: Looks like they've been counted too!


Aha Moment On thedonalds Eating Habits

Remembered that its reasoning for eating fast food all the time was that they wouldn't know it was for him so it couldn't be poisoned.
I may be a little slow here, but I just realized someone that seems to specialize in poisoning people who cross him that theorangething may be afraid of..
Rhymes with tootin'.

Did I Miss Any of Our Representatives Ask Barr Who Comprises the Federal Troops?

I would like to know how many in Portland and elsewhere are contracted.
I watched most of the hearing but I didn't see any questions on this.

Sharpie Warning!Trump's Map is Colored with Magic Markers!

It's pretty obvious if you look closely.

Painting Bleak Portrait of Urban Crime, Trump Sends More Agents to Chicago and Other C

Source: NY Times Charlie Savage

Mr. Barr also announced grants of about $3.5 million for Chicago to help compensate for overtime and other expenses incurred in supporting the federal task force and $3.6 million for Kansas City to hire additional police officers. Mr. Trump said that in all, $61 million in federal grants would go to hire more police officers in cities that are eventually included in the operation.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/painting-bleak-portrait-of-urban-crime-trump-sends-more-agents-to-chicago-and-other-cities/ar-BB174kKL?ocid=spartan-ntp-feeds

KatyTur! You Must Un-yoke From Chuck

I can't watch anymore no matter how I respect you (ever since you covered Trump's campaign).
Todd makes me ill. From now on 1:00 pm goes to CNN and Brianna Kellor.
Added to the growing list of MSNBC shows I will not watch.
Anything with Chuck Todd
Morning Joke and Mika
Chris Hayes

TrumpSuckingMouthBreathingTool Brags

That now is the time to fuck the people out of their social security and Medicare.
Can't vouch for this source but I watched all this on live tv and was, well, a little angry.
I was watching the Senate hearings with the Corona team live.
Mike Braun from Indiana sits with blank eyes and open mouth. On national tv. The camera was really on Rand Paul. Neither were masked.
After the hearing Senator Braun can't wait to get on MSNBC to spout the next republicon attack on the "Entitlements" American workers have been paying for our whole lives.
Never vote for a republican and especially not for any of these (you know who they are, can't find an appropriately damning name for them right now).

At first I thought

They were on the beach in Florida.
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