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It definitely is. They want to remain in total control of all the legislative chambers

throughout the U.S. The government - in their opinion and in their actions - is only for two purposes: enrich the wealthy and corporations, their shareholders and the members of those legislative bodies that are recipients of the donor class's monies; and to be the only members of society entitled to hold power and wield it over all others. We are seeing a flagrant and notorious return to the Gilded Age and everything associated with the wealthy and the serfs, of whom most Americans are part of the great unwashed whom they have deemed unworthy of anything but treatment as serfs.

Mitch McConnell has been fully in command of this ship for the past ten years and counting. I think we have to realize that by him absenting himself from the so-called Rose Garden WH Brief* Friday, he was signaling he is fully onboard with the notion of unitary executive action (and he himself has engaged it in the Senate, witness his refusal to advance Merrick Garland's SCOTUS nomination for more than a year). The rethugs are not participating in their duty as members of our representational democracy because they don't believe in it.
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