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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Maine
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Oct 3, 2012, 09:36 PM
Number of posts: 920

About Me

Have lurked since 2000ish. I come and go and have often checked here for news. Slowing down as of late...

Journal Archives

Anyone see this whackadoo with fake FBI badges?

It's chilling:

"[...] Inside, they found more than 10 fake federal badges and credentials, some bearing Downey’s name and photo, court records state.

Now, Downey faces multiple federal charges, including the illegal possession of firearms and fraudulent badges, identification cards and other insignia strictly authorized for law enforcement personnel, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday in the U.S. Southern District Court in New York.

He also faces several local charges for criminal possession of 10 or more unregistered firearms, 13 firearm silencers and 16 assault weapons. The state of New York has also filed charges relating to the illegal possession of a fraudulent New York court officer [...]"


Will Maine be blue this time?

I'm feeling awfully anxious about us since there have been about a billion Trump parades and signs everywhere. I just updated my star so I can be here refreshing on election night.

First Confirmed COVID-19 Case in Maine


Had to get here at some point I hope everyone stays healthy or gets well quickly.

12 Schools were included in a threat towards Sen. Collins


Author: Griffin Stockford (NEWS CENTER Maine), Jackie Mundry (NEWS CENTER Maine)
Published: 12:28 PM EST January 31, 2020
Updated: 2:07 PM EST January 31, 2020
MAINE, USA — Maine State Police said Friday they are working with the FBI on a "web based threat received against a dozen Maine high schools."

The threat was received by a Maine business, which then forwarded it to police. In addition State police said they have informed all Maine police departments of the threat and the Maine Department of Education has done the same with all Maine school superintendents.

My kiddos' school is doing a lock in instead of a lock out. I wonder if this is because she reported that she would vote to call witnesses (even though it looks like it will fail anyway)?

Jussie Smollett - "Police may have overstated."

“Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson may have also gone too far when he said Jussie paid the brothers $3,500 to stage the attack. TMZ reports they “obtained documents that on the surface back his claim the $3,500 check he wrote to Abel was for training. The check was written to Abel on January 23, 2019, six days before the ‘attack.’ “


I wonder what else the police “overstated.” I somehow doubt the media is going to go as wild over subsequent findings in this case.

It starts...

I can't even...

Lost my best friend

My springer spaniel mix, Figaro, had to be put down last night. He had kidney stones that would have required an operation, and at 15 years old, the vet didn't think he would do well with surgery.

He was a beautiful boy, and the sweetest and most loyal dog I've ever owned. He loved everyone, but he always preferred to be with me. Whether it was climbing trees when I was a kid (he somehow managed to follow me up) or to yesterday morning as he lay at my feet after work. I got him for my 15th birthday when my mom's boss had been planning on sending him to a kill shelter. She lead him in by a rope, with a dirty, matted coat, "Happy Birthday, give him a bath."

When the vet came in to put him down, I was on the floor and Fig was laying in my lap like we always do. I am so grateful that the vet let him stay where he was, and he could pass calmly while I held him.

My younger dog, Panger (a pittie), cried and howled most of the time we were gone, and he has stayed close since I've gotten home.

Go in peace, go in love.


I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote something kind in this thread. I'm missing Figaro a lot and it helps to see how many other people understand and have furry family members who mean as much as to them as mine do to me.

Anybody remember the Lavender Liberal?

What ever happened with that?

This woman has

Seemingly infinite patience writing about the conversation of survivors in the context of the Dylan Farrow media bashing. This is a conversation I have largely stayed out of because I do not have the eloquence or patience needed to refute the stupidity I've been seeing.

That said, I do want to give a trigger warning. She writes briefly, but openly about her experience and that may be hard to read.


"Disabled" Mannequins Will Change the Way You See Beauty


Body diversity in advertising--saw this on Facebook and wanted to share.
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