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Tomconroy's Journal
Tomconroy's Journal
December 15, 2023

Putin admits to 350000 war casualties in Ukraine.

Apparently putin said something in his press conference yesterday which amounted to an admission that Russia has lost 350000 killed or seriously wounded so as to prevent further military service. This number matches with Ukraines estimate of 340000 and US intelligences recent estimate of 315000.
Best estimates are that 1 million russians have been sent to fight in Ukraine. Ukraine estimates 400000 are active in Ukraine today. The casualties that Russia sustained in the last two months of its failing offensives in Bahkmut and Andiivka are astonishing.
Putin complains constantly about the demographics of Russia (one reason he launched his war of conquest). These casualties in a war that has lasted less than two years are unsustainable.
This is not the time for Ukraine to negotiate. This is the time for Ukraines allies to supply it with weapons so Ukraine can finish the job!




December 15, 2023

Times of Israel: Gantz swipes at Netanyahu

From the article:

"War cabinet minister Benny Gantz appeared to criticize Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday night, calling out those who harm Israel’s ties with the Biden administration by engaging in “manufactured disputes” amid the war against Hamas.

“Hamas is part of the Iranian axis that wants to destroy us and stop normalization. We must make the opposite happen: remove the threat of Hamas, strengthen the relationship with the moderate Arab countries and build a different regional reality that will also include a framework for a solution in Gaza.”

Acknowledging that in the short term, Israel will retain security control in Gaza, Gantz added that “in the civil aspect, it would be correct to find local entities that would take care of sewage, medicine and civil issues.”

This would be done, he said, “with the support of an administration that would consist of mostly moderate Arab countries,” which would work with Israel to start the normalization poprocess and “the process of changing the reality in Gaza in the long term.”"


December 13, 2023

With the US Supreme Court agreeing today to decide

The issue of whether or not the Jan insurrectionists violated the obstruction of an official proceeding statute, Trumps March Court date is likely to be postponed. Two of trumps charges involve that statute.
No trial court would go forward with a case when central issues are before the Supreme Court.
The trial date will be saved only if the Supreme Court rules on an expedited basis.


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