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Tree Lady

Tree Lady's Journal
Tree Lady's Journal
November 13, 2023

My mom died today

She was 95 so she lived a long life and she was lucky lived mostly on her own, last 4 years in a senior apt that did meals and cleaning but no medical. She even went to a pumkin patch few weeks ago with my daughter and great grandkids. She told me she was tired last few days felt off but I wasn't super worried as she has pulled through many illnesses.

Her friends noticed she wasn't at lunch so did a check on her, I knew she was eating in apt because I sent her microwave soup.

My first reaction was but I didn't get to say goodbye I am not ready, crazy considering her age but I heard its a common reaction.

My mom use to drive me batty but the last few years all that was gone and healed which I am very glad for.

Live in peace mom forever!

December 14, 2022

After almost 3 years I finally got covid

Flew to Texas for daughter's CPA ceremony, wore my mask everywhere but I shared a hotel room with my daughters and caught from them. Never again share!

My doc wants to know if I want paxlovid and I can't decide. Right now I have cough, fever around 100.4 runny nose and feel yucky. After Tylenol feel not so bad. My husband had to stop paxlovid because it made him violently sick to stomach and I read all the side effects and rebound. Can't make up my mind, thinking of waiting to see how I feel tomorrow morning. Today is day 2. Just got pcr test confirming tonight.

My dr says up to me. I have had all my vaccines and the bivalent one mid October. The home test was just a faint line. Does that mean anything?

Sorry, I deal with anxiety and this isn't helping.

December 6, 2011

Boomers check in!

I was born in the fifties I guess that is mid or late boomer…

Don't ya love how all the kids blame us for everything say our generation is spoiled…I would say no, our parents were the first to read Dr Spock and raise us that way. My mother wanting to do the opposite of her mom who would make her sit for hours to eat a vege, or give the white glove treatment to see how she cleaned, didn't make me do anything around the house.

I learned to clean working as a maid in Reno at Harrah's when I was 18. Learned to cook living communally with some jesus freaks in the mid 70's.

I like our generation, old enough to remember carbon paper for copies and princess phones, and still young enough to have fun with computers, ipads and texting.

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