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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
November 30, 2023

My KISSINGER dance card ain't filled up. I don't wish Death on anybody.

My 83 yr old sister has a list of our relatives in birth order, which some of our relatives think is a Death order. I believe her that it's not, just a who-got-here-first thing.

I keep a list, maybe it's a thing with us. As I say, I don't wish Death on others, BUT when I hear somebody died who DID ME WRONG *then* I put them on my list/more like a record.

So this applies to KISSINGER.

November 20, 2023

Well, shipmate, granted that no group is monolithic, but it's charitable at best

to give the segment of his Latino supporters credit on the basis of being "conservative" since Drumpf has no ideology beyond his narcissism, much less any supposed Conservative convictions re "family values" or institutional/societal norms that have never crossed his mind.

Even crediting Catholicism is not convincing since this would put them in the same cynical pocket of hypocritical evangelicals, which leaves the strongest rationale being the ugly resentment towards new immigrants. The first generation Cuban/CIA exiles are the spearhead of his Latino supporters that would be the link in this Univision incident, no?

Yes, I've heard some of his Latino supporters in the early phase give their reasons as: Businessman (hah); hatred of Hillary; their own small business hard work resentful of "lazy welfare and food stamps cheats"; and their liking his bullying "realism."

None of it comes from the better side of humanity. On that basis, they are, indeed, "monolithic" with the rest of his non-Latino Deplorables.

*** But the ugliness comes from the Mexican-American segment resenting immigrants and social programs and the Cuban segment of roots in wingnut dictatorship - ending up in ignoring the racism and their own self pride. Greed of the Univision executives is the rest of the puzzle, willingness to be collaborators with him who threw their star anchor Jorge RAMOS to be dragged out of his rally and have another anchor now quitting them in protest.

November 16, 2023

There's always *that* one

The 1st love of ur life
That u'r over
And half a century is over

And u've move on long ago
And so has that other

But they always think
they were really really quality
for being loved quality.

*** Previously, 11-03-2023:
Do you wonder, first love o'mine,these 50 years after,
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how I am, what my morning fiber is, etc., etcetera, et f cetera?
Neither do I about you.
FYI, my second love was better in every way,
Just so you know.
I still remember you told me how
You flinged with somebody who
Reminded you of me,
Like I was supposed to be flattered.

November 12, 2023

CBS boldly takes a moderate stand re Choice/abortion with ex-ABC's doctor Tim JOHNSON

It's been noted here at DU how the label "abortion" has overrun "Choice" in reporting over the recent election. Even Hillary used it almost exclusively on The View last week.

So his "middle ground" started off with the personal distaste for abortion, then hit all the right notes about considered Choice, and especially not dictated by men in power imposing according to their theocratic beliefs.

In the scorched earth divide that reigns, a common sense middle ground seems unreachable, as with gun control middle ground (i.e., a Drivers License type system).



Dr. Tim Johnson on finding a middle-ground in the abortion debate

.... Being pro-choice is far more complicated. It involves the emotional issue of when life begins, and what choices are accordingly morally acceptable. When does life in the womb reach a stage when abortion would be more logically thought of as "murder" or "evil," and therefore prohibited? For many of us, that stage occurs when the developing fetus is capable of living on its own outside the womb.

And I do support women who, before that stage, thoughtfully conclude that another life to support will be destructive to her and/or her family. ....

I also vigorously disagree with those who would force a woman to experience the terrible trauma of completing a pregnancy caused by incest or rape.

Finally, I do believe that abortion is a decision best made by a woman and her family – not by a group of strangers (usually men) making legislative or legal decisions. Under our clear constitutional separation of church and state, it certainly should not be made by those in power based on their own religious beliefs. We are all entitled to our own religious considerations, but we should not impose them by law on others who may believe very differently. ....


November 6, 2023

Inhumanity writ SMALL. For the purpose of seeing it LARGE.

Please: In NO/ZERO way is this post positing an equivalence of a small example with the mass events going on in many different levels and venues that we are witnessing or have seen in world events before or have learned about from history.

So, there is this busy street near me. In their wisdom the City honchos launched a long range plan to open up crosstown thoroughfares for the efficiency of, uh, crossing town.  The unforeseen consequences along with the population booming are that my fellow denizens have taken it as license to breakneck *speed* and ROAR their motors and blasting music.  Now, there's this strip alongside my part of the street that falls to me to maintain (mow, weedeat) - all with the speeding and roaring a couple of feet away. In some parts this is called The Devil's Strip.
Where the rub comes in: Fairly often, some of my fellow denizens of the universe  take it upon themselves to loose bits of inner evil at my hapless self. Forget the mighty torrent of Ben Hur chariot congestion.  Some *HONK* with blasting horns, when upon me in my face or, for better amusement, at my BACK to watch me trampoline. And with their speeding by, are long gone without any possibility of response by cussword, flying finger, or noting the identifying models or license plate. Not to mention having a beer can flung out their window in front of my mower. Granted, almost never, it might be somebody who knows me honking a hello, who later in person tells me I didn't acknowledge them, like I would know them or their vehicle.

*** But on to the point. Yesterday/Sunday, pre-dusk, taking advantage of the least travelled day, I was there doing the thing, blithely taking for granted those named evils would not happen.  But one did. In the mid part of the session without hap, the street empty, a extra large pick-up in the lane closest, came roaring up and *BLASTED* the horn in my face.  Now, the back of the truck was filled with equipment and tools.  It was a working, laboring truck and driver. Perhaps he had worked on a Sunday, as commonly happens and in the near dusk was heading to his well deserved rest and relaxation.  What he saw was somebody doing a laboring little chore while most people are relaxing. Despite the imbalance of my little labor compared to his heavy duty labor, he didn't show a little empathetic fellowship by just passing by without blasting, just go the way. No, as he sped off knowing I was sputtering with detestation, he must have been chortling.

*** Then, bringing it down from the impersonal to the personal: My 76 years have been chock full of piddling negativity from some relatives - passive aggression, withholding, lack of support. Another trait, the always-taking-the-other-side. And there I am, always falling for the inevitable grinding-down. So in the Sunday night "keeping in touch," I did my story telling about the day's horn blasting.  And here's the kicker: She asked, "Were you in the street?"  Stop here; get it? She automatically assumed that I was in the wrong, that the horn blaster did it for a reason. She could not even imagine or recognize the existence of MALIGNANCE.

*** Magnify this to the universal and atrocity is seen.

October 29, 2023

A poisonous litany for a family Petri dish

Passive aggression
Lack of guidance
Emotional neglect

*** (from a poem of mine, 1981: )
.... ...shriek uncomprehendingly,
like a babe rejecting
a mother's tense and frigid teat.

October 29, 2023

Note to MucketyMagaMike, re the Bible: The free YouTube has hundreds, thousands

of clear-eyed, scholarly-in-quality videos on the sources of everything under the sun, in this case, that compilation of books (the Bible), its humanly cultural sources - think: Indo-European lore, Homer and Greek myths, the Sumerians, the Egyptians, how the Flavians invented Christianity as a gateway counterweight to Judaism and way more than I can cite. Highly recommended are the Mythvision videos. By the time the Bible was put together, lots of ideas - and the evolution of gods - from all those places and others/lost were "in the air" and put to use in endless reformulations and "creations" of later inspirations.

Any rationale to societal problems that begins with, "Because the Bible says so... " is not a thing.

October 11, 2023

With all the months of planning and years of obsession, the terrorists

must have had it cross their minds that deadly repercussions would come back on them, their own people, other regions and/or the world, not to mention complete bystanders. I don't get it.

October 10, 2023

Eduardo VERASTEGUI rifle video, threatens Progressives/Gays/climate activists

Previous context, below. Mexican boy-band, telenovela actor, sexual hypocrite, religious grifter, "Sound of Freedom" tool (Mel GIBSON, CAVIEZEL), Drumpf tool, now running for president of Mexico. When the rifle threat garnered predictable criticism, he claimed it was "satire." Usually professional actors are versed in genres, apparently not him. Wingnuts in the entertainment game blame "Liberal prejudice" for their lack of work and success, rather than their shallow talents, their shallowness accounting for their wingnuttiness in the first place.


Verástegui fires a long gun and says that he will do that with three groups

.... (He said in the gun video: ) "Look what we are going to do to the terrorists of the 2030 agenda, climate change and gender ideology. I read them." ....

He even edited the first tweet to add the word “terrorists” to those who are accused of defending the “2030 agenda”, which is a program adopted by the United Nations to seek sustainable development.

Later, after the controversy that aroused, he uploaded another message on this topic:

"Calm Calm! Don’t be alarmed, don’t be scared, don’t take the message literally. Don’t you know what satire is? What I am saying is that, with strength and aim, we are going to combat progressive culture and policies. When it comes to violence, you progressives are the experts. The thief judges by his condition." ....


First name, Eduardo. Surname's pronounced: ver-ASS-te-ghee.

First, let's see his mug:

Beefcake versions readily available, also with all popes and wingnut leaders of several countries (maybe he's just a climber? ) .

Out of central casting, as Drumpf says, and somehow "worked" in the Drumpf mob outfit White House, supposedly as a bridge to Hispanics.

In his yoot, allegedly in his barrio he was a toy for elder molestors for pay

Later, in his early 20s, allegedly, he was boytoy with Ricky MARTIN. Claims to be "celibate" except for masturbation, despite rumors of liaisons with tons of celebs and politically powerful wingnuts. Never mentioning known sexploits amid rumors of orgies with seminarians, only-catholics, non-caths need not apply.

Later, he was, allegedly (with pics), something going on with President PENA-Nieto (pics on "air force-1" of Mexico).

*** Past several years, he's been a severe "catholic" (think, Mel GIBSON) and hawking for pay "catholic" events/retreats.

He joined the Drumpf regime, as a figurehead "Hispanic" and shenanigans.

Went to John Paul II on bended knee with church pervert Marcial MARCIEL, founder/exploiter of "Legion of Christ". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcial_Maciel

Runs an alleged money scam outfit of "catholic" rosary "reverence" for cash.

*** NOW, has a movie out about child trafficking with CAVIESAL and - say-it-ain't-so Mira SORVINO. 30 seconds of the trailer shows mawkish melodrama that is supposed to tug heart strings. In interviews he claims that all boy molesters are only-Gay.

Oh, didn't mention gawd told him to run for president of Mexico - viva Mexico!

********AM leaving more research to the estimable DUers.

Bald head behind JP II's hand is MACIEL:

Equal opportunity for Francis:

September 29, 2023

My local radio talkshow wingnuts have been verklempt for Drumpf. demanding gratitude & COMPASSION!

The wingnut propaganda lexicon is straight out of 1984 – benign sounding words carrying the *opposite* meanings. Hence, “compassion” spewed by a wingnut/Libertarian is laughable. “Libertarian” is laughable, just means near-nihilistic absence of regulation – with the top of their list being drugs and sex. Any words such as "reform ... freedom ... liberty ... patriotism ... family values ... , etc, etc."

And while Libertarians supposedly support items from both Libs and wingnuts, they can’t be counted on by Libs, because they only vote when weed is on the ballot. They are the If-I-Were-King-of-the-World type, sitting around spewing how everything and everybody are stupid (cf., MAHER), how they/’tarians would fix all those things from the Past, like all History (that they don’t know) is to be wiped out and replaced with their 2001 embryo godlike insights. The Young have always been like that, like how Hippies also thought the world started over when they came along, "discovering" things that have been around for eons.

Old joke: Some older fogey was railing about how the young generation lacked respect, courtesy, and civility. Who said it? Some Ancient Greek a couple of millennia ago.

So the local radio "Libertarian' in his early 30s has been modifying his outright idolizing of Drumpf, now that the depth of his Legal liabilities appears to be sinking-in at the Deplorables’ level of awareness, modifying to grousing about how much all those low-life Repukes on their pitiful debate stage OWE Drumpf gratitude, loyalty, and compassion. He was all weepy about how pitiful the candidates were and how they lack COMPASSION for him who raised them up.

So, back to the perversion of language by wingnuts/Libertarians: They call Libs “bleeding heart (hypocrites)”, yet they are way ready to get all weepy over themselves, their victimhood. So the local 'tarian is all scolding his own Deplorables for not showing compassion for Drumpf, of all people who is lacking of compassion/Drumpf, HE is the one that the 'tarian thinks should get some. The local 'tarian himself has never shown a drop of compassion for anybody outside the wingnut world – certainly not for Dems/Libs, but especially not for any variety of the downtrodden, oppressed, Poor.

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