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WhaTHellsgoingonhere's Journal
WhaTHellsgoingonhere's Journal
June 17, 2016

The New Democrats learned everything they know from the Republican Party

Abandon labor and the working class for Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the 10%
- Did Democrats notice Democratic administrations oversaw the distribution of wealth to the top 1%

Abandon stipends and pensions for the false promise of the lottery 401K economy
- You lose big, you win big. If you live long enough and are able to cash out before the next collapse, you are the winner!
- If you're not voting for Hillary because she's a woman, you're probably voting for her because you're stuck with a 401K thanks to millionaire Democratic politians. That said, this is really a "white people's problem" and one of the reasons why Bernie's message didn't resonate with poor blacks. Young whites (No Political Affiliation) are upset because both Parties are taking away their futures, whereas blacks have been facing this obstacle for generations. Bernie being a socialist was a very hard sell to blacks, as well, since they are the most loyal Demographic to the Democratic Party.

Our chances of winning increase if fewer people are allowed to participate.
- When was the last time a Democratic primary featured a Democrat versus a long-life long Indepenent? Never. So the fact that Bernie was appealing to people who identify as Independent was great for Hillary. "Your rallies look great on TV, just keep registering as Independents, we'll lock you out of the process. Then we will mock you for only going to rallies but not voting." Illinois was a very interesting primary result because it's Hillary's true home state and an open primary. That, and voting shennanigans, pushed Hillary past Bernie by less than 1%.

If all else fails, play the fear card
- SCOTUS; we're all Kansans now. We'll determine which Party oversees the distribution of wealth to the top 1% based on cultural issues.

Bernie offered America a rebirth of the Democratic Party -- the one that put people over profits and the middle class over the top 1% -- with the same Progressive cultural positions. Bernie and his supporters knew all along that Trump will get trounced. Hillary and her supporters have built Trump up as the second coming of Ronald Reagan. The GE was never going to be close. Hillary supporters only got nervous when they realized Bernie emerged as a formidable candidate. Prior to that, it was all joking about the Republican Clown Car. Bozo won. Now watch for the landslide of epic proportions you could have predicted if you didn't turn into scared Fox News viewer types.

At least 4 more years of sacrificing the middle class for the billionaire class because that's what you wanted, more of the same.

Disclaimer: if this kerfuffle about Warren being named VP isn't just a tease, I will happily back off my criticism of Hillary. Obama betrayed his Progressive platform for Clinton's immediately after the GE. If you deny or didn't realize it, just look at the long list of advisors and cabinet members he brought in. So I'm not so patiently waiting for the Clinton/Warren ticket.

June 9, 2016

I'll add, more specifically, it started with the 401K casino economy Rs sold and Dems were happy to

buy. Ultimately, it split the Democratic Party in half. Now traditional worker (Labor)-Dems and Wall Street/Sillicon Valley-Dems are going to tear the Party in half.

Dems traded stipends and pensions for the false promise of hitting the lottery. The result was to profoundly transform the way business is done: market concentration, inflated stock prices, tax avoidance, and executive pay replaced quality, a strong middle class, and worker protections.

And the Democratic Party bought it hook, line, and sinker. Talk about the Stupidparty and Stupidpunditary. Who was reporting this?

May 21, 2016

So why do countries build economies around exports if trade has little impact on jobs? And why

should we accept white collar jobs are superior? Answering phones, hospitality (serving masters), exorbitant education debt intensive, sales, financial services, temporary, and Uber/gig jobs.

Jobs that historically have no labor unions.

That's the end game.

Wage theft was no secret but it took Obama 7+ years to act.

Thanks Democratic Party!

May 20, 2016

I do hope the Democratic Party acknowledges the current primary process is almost entirely

responsible for the divisive shit show. And for what? Tradition, i.e., Iowa and NH and Super Tuesday?

As much as Tweety might wish, we are not the M$M Party. And feeding pollsters and pundits at the trough should no longer be acceptable.

The fix is easy.

57 piecemeal elections over the course of 5 months lends itself to shenanigans. Everyone scoreboard watches. Often you'll hear people say, I support X, but they are so far behind I'll vote for Y. Pollsters and pundits are calling the election 2 months into a 5 month process, discouraging many and angering the rest. And why can't states that hold primaries in late May or June vote? People are furious at the notion they should be allowed to vote.

We've allowed ourselves to become the tools of every industry that sucks the blood of this sacred process like vampires. I mean, who the fuck is Nate Silver? I sure don't need to know and he deserves needs to return to his well paying job in complete anonymity.

Too much money, and many are saying it needs to be spent on the GE now.

Superdelegates can go. Open vs closed is debatable. We learned from California that people who were registering with the Indepenence Party didn't know they were getting locked out of the process. Sounds like that was the case in NY, too (they were going for Independent). Voting is hard. I'm in an open primary state and have learned a lot about the lengths the Democratic Party goes to make it a bloody farce.

Just adopting the GE process, say, every primary is held on the same day in late May, would wipe out almost all of this and, boom! it's over! No more arguing about when it should be over. No more scoreboard watching. It will reduce the shenanigans.

This would go a long way in remedying the process. And it's simple.

May 19, 2016

I've always said the Party that Clinton and Rahm Emanuel built is fiscally conservative but

socially liberal. To paraphrase Thomas Frank, we're all Kansas now. The Party that overseas the distribution of wealth to the top 10% is held hostage by wage issues. It was a brilliant coup!

May 18, 2016

The process is a fucking joke. Bernie is blowing it up because it is so poorly designed, it's easy

to do. The fact that you and the rest of you people are fretting over (1) Bernie should drop out, (2) this is hurting Hillary, (3) Hillary is fight two fronts, (4) this is really expensive for Hillary, (5) Hillary should be focused on the GE is

Stop with the crying over an idiotic process and change it!

May 18, 2016

GD: Movie Review Forum Where to Invade Next: How About the Democratic Party

Finally saw Michael Moore's new movie and highly recommend. It really highlights where America was prior to the Reagan Revolution and where we've drifted since, under a fiscally conservative two-Party system defined by wedge issues. It also blows up the myth about low-tax America, a Republican talking point Clinton supporters are using to beat Sanders supporters with. But that's how Democrats do. That's why they lost the fiscal battle and aligned with the Republicans.


May 12, 2016

Highlights the coup fiscally conservative politicians pulled off. Now we're all Kansas

Reference to "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

Social wedge issues determine which Party overseas the distribution of wealth to the top 1% and race-to-the-bottom for the middle class.

Too bad there's not a candidate in the Democratic primary who is saying establishment politics is wrong, who's looking out for the middle class, and who isn't holding Democrats hostage over wedge issues. Yeah, that's top shelf sarcasm.

May 11, 2016

Americans have done a fine job of destroying the economy without Trump. That's what makes him

plausible. Too bad we have a penchant for more-of-the-same.

May 10, 2016

If only Rahm Emanuel would have run, then we all would have united behind Bernie against Clintonian

policy. But Rahm is, until he recently turned toxic, 4th in line. Now...sexism. No one is rejecting New Democrats/Third Way policy makers. We're conveniently sexiest. Sexism protects Hillary supporters from self-examination.

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