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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: Mobile, Alabama
Member since: Tue May 31, 2011, 10:44 AM
Number of posts: 3,514

Journal Archives

The Department of Labor should offer ...

… a $10,000 bounty to whistleblowers who turn in businesses that fail to comply with the new vaxx requirement. I’m in Alabama. I’d be wealthy in 6 months.

These people in Ark on MSNBC are too stupid ...

… to be allowed to participate in a functioning society. Sorry - no link. Just saw the segment on the R Gov being heckled by five moronic dudes, one old drunk chick and some fella with green teeth.

Did that piece of shit Bolton just say ...

… that he couldn’t speak out on behalf of his country because he was in a book deal?

Live interview on CNN.

Re Майк Flynn. This latest episode is ...

... evidence of just how messed up our democracy has become.

We have all seen the tape. His response to the question was clearly supportive of an armed insurrection against the US and a military takeover. We know this from the context and inflection of his words, and the ovation he received from the mob. And also from his history of similar statements. There is no doubt what he was saying.

But because a transcript of the statement can be re-punctuated to seem like he meant the opposite, that he was saying there is “no reason for an insurrection here”, he can “pretend” that he has been taken out of context and the media is treating him unfairly.

So Democratic leaders take a soft stand. The media moves on. And the Qberts admire how “slick” Flynn is because he spoke code and owned the libs. And send him some $ or buy another T-shirt.

They think they are smarter than the left and can get away with anything, and our collective responses to this kind of shit simply reinforces that belief. They DO get away with it.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill admits affair, won't run for U.S. Senate: 'There's no excuse

Source: AL.com

After initially denying reports of an affair, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill on Wednesday afternoon told AL.com that he had “an inappropriate relationship” with a 44-year-old woman and will not make an anticipated run for the U.S. Senate.


In an interview with AL.com on Wednesday morning, Merrill denied having had an affair and accused Cesaire McPherson of “stalking” and “harassing” him.


McPherson provided Al.com with a recording of an October 2020 conversation between her and Merrill, who is a Republican. In the 17-minute recording, Merrill and McPherson discuss various sexual acts they performed during dozens of romantic encounters that McPherson says took place between November 2017 and November 2020.

Read more: https://www.al.com/news/2021/04/alabama-secretary-of-state-john-merrill-admits-affair-wont-run-for-us-senate-theres-no-excuse.html

Looks like he was ready to victimize her as a crazy stalker until she produced the taped conversation. Good ol’ Family Values. At least he’s off the Senate trail now.

Could the staffers get the fast talking guy ...

... from the 80s commercials to read the stimulus bill?


That asshole just said "... 'democrat' politicians said (blah blah blah) ...". Per my ...

... Rule of WhiskeyT, everything else that he may say is now and forever rank bullshit.

WHY can't the House Managers argue ...

... in closing that:

“The republican senators who vote to acquit the president are the enemies of democracy!”

“They are trying to destroy this great country, and we can’t let that happen!”

“Leningrad Lindsey, Moscow Mitch, Little Marco, Randy Paul, Adolf Hawsey and all the rest are very bad people. Evil people. And they want to take everything from you”!

“True Americans have to FIGHT against these corrupt and bad people. And FIGHT like Hell.”

“If there are any 2nd amendment democrats, maybe they should do something about that, I’m just saying”!

“ANTIFA and BLM need to stand back and stand by!”

“Real patriots MUST come to DC and save this country. Tell ‘em I invited you. We can march down to their offices and stop them any way we can. I’ll be right there with you!”

“Lock them up! Lock them up!”

“1945! 1945! 1945!”

Would that be ok? I mean, it’s just words, right?

Has the DEPARTURE of an elected official ...

... EVER been covered like this in the past? All three major networks, CNN, MSNBC and FuNC all with live feeds.

Voted. Mobile AL. I've voted at this precinct ...

... for 25 years. The longest line I have ever waited in was perhaps 15-20 people. There were more than 200 ahead of me today. I got there about 45 mins after they opened.

A lot of young people and POC - pretty unusual for this precinct. There was a holding line for people updating their information. Maybe 30 people or so. All young, and mostly black. And the clothing was overwhelmingly blue- enough to notice it. That probably means nothing, but who knows.

It’s all anecdotal, but still a good omen. Biden won’t win Alabama. But if turn out looks like this nationally, I’m optimistic. And it has to be good for Doug Jones.
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