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WhiteTara's Journal
WhiteTara's Journal
January 21, 2022

This California Dairy Farm's Secret Ingredient for Clean Electricity: Cow Poop


Few places encompass this potential future better than Bar 20 Dairy, a dairy farm in Kerman, California, that uses methane from cow manure to produce clean electricity with almost zero carbon emissions. It’s the first dairy farm in the U.S. to power its own clean energy “microgrid” using a biogas, and it could be a tantalizing sign of what the future of green energy might look like for companies with access to plenty of methane.

The technology isn’t all that hard to grasp. Manure and waste water from the farm’s nearly 7,000 cows are transported and sifted into a 25-million-gallon rectangular pit in the ground called a digester. The liquid sits for about 30 days while methane gas rises to the top of the closed digester. The gas then gets piped into a skid shifter, which separates the methane from hydrogen sulfide and other impurities. Finally, the methane is piped into fuel cells that harness it to produce electricity with little to no greenhouse gas emissions.

“It’s where Silicon Valley meets the Central Valley,” said N. Ross Buckenham, the CEO of California Bioenergy, a company that operates and builds manure digesters—including the one used by Bar 20 Dairy.

Producing electricity from cow poop (or other forms of agriculture waste like hog manure) is not an entirely new concept. For at least 15 years now, dairy farms from Vermont to Wisconsin have engaged in this kind of small-scale bioenergy production, making enough electricity to power a few hundred homes, and certainly more than enough to keep a large farm running.

I live in Arkansas, home of America's chicken dinner and this would be a game changer!
June 29, 2019

Free Parking - Rendered Mute

I haven’t been writing for awhile both because of a temporary physical limitation; but, mostly because I am struck mute by the cruelty and barbarism that has become the rootstock of our society.

I have no words for a government that gives a traitor a cushy prison cell and condemns children, fleeing their homelands, to sleep on bare concrete and not allowed soap or clean clothes. What have we become that we treat the vulnerable among us as the lowest animal to be abused and the worst of us as royalty to be exalted?

I have no words for the false prophets who claim they are men of God yet fleece the pockets of the desperate and poor as they indulge in sexual misconduct, often with children. They have twisted the words of the Bible to mean the exact opposite, yet the flocks still rush to their doors looking for some crumb of salvation.

Please read the rest at the link

April 25, 2019

Free Parking - Putin's main psy-ops tool


Who knew I would learn Russian in my later years; but here I am. My new word today is maskirovka, literally meaning “to mask or masquerade;” using elements of surprise, camouflage, deception, decoys and disinformation; especially through social media.

Where Hitler repeated the Big Lie so often, people began to believe; Putin uses “reflexive control” by planting stories (maskirovka) with just enough truth to seem credible; though sometimes fantastical lies work because they create uncertainty. The whole concept of reflexive control focuses on tricking their opponent into making decisions that work to the advantage of the instigator.

The Russians have used maskirovka for centuries in war to their great advantage on the battlefield. Today the battlefield is in cyberspace. The Special Counsel’s report clearly shows that Russia is still engaged in cyber warfare against not only the U.S., but all western democracies.

Reflexive control is highly developed technique developed by the KGB during the 1960s to control the citizens of East Germany. Maskirovka is designed to keep your enemies off balance. The idea is that you plant fake stories with a bit of truth; one example is the Hillary pedophilia gang in a pizza parlor basement. (Kernel of truth: Hillary Clinton was a presidential candidate and there was a Cosmic Pizza Parlor.) A man came to DC and shot up the restaurant even though there was no truth to the story; the restaurant didn’t even have a basement.

This is must understand stuff. Are we being pushed to an untimely impeachment process? Or is this spontaneous outpouring. What is the end game for the Russians - to foil the impeachment process by not laying the proper foundation. We are in deep trouble, it is true, but we want the best possible outcome.
April 4, 2019

He killed himself on the steps of Town Hall


He killed himself on the steps of Town Hall. Like the self-immolating monks in Saigon, he killed himself as a cry out to humanity to stop a dreadful wrong. Jeremy Richman, father of 6 year-old Aviel who was murdered at Sandy Hook, was the third suicide of mass murder survivors in one week. Two were teenagers who survived the Parkland massacre.

Their deaths came on the heels of another mass shooting; this time in New Zealand. The humanity, compassion and swift action taken by their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern contrasted so sharply to the response here that their grief, despair and hopelessness engulfed them. Jeremy Richman hoped that by his suicide, the leaders and representatives of our country would at least take note. They haven’t.

A mafia mob boss in New Jersey was murdered last week by a young white man who came into court flashing white power signs and white supremacist symbols written on his body. He stated that he was inspired by Trump and his attorneys plan to use that as his defense.

The rest at http://eureka.news/free-parking-71/
April 1, 2019

Free Parking Nature Bats Last

This week's column is about climate change and the disasters that are our current life.

We Stand Alone Between Earth and Sky and Walk Together – BUDDHA

The recent international Children’s Walk Out and Climate March highlighted the disastrous climate we are bequeathing to our children, grandchildren and their children. By fouling the air, water and earth, we are contaminating the very planet that sustains us. There is no planet B and no way to get there. This is it; our Home.

The Ogallala Aquifer (one of 30 in the U.S.) is so contaminated with PFAS that a major dairy farmer in Clovis, New Mexico, was forced to destroy his 4000-cow herd. PFAS are a combination of about 3-5000 chemicals that have been made since 1950. Cannon Air Force Base outside Clovis poured its PFAS chemicals onto the ground for decades and it leached into the water. This aquifer is the source of water for people in eight states serving 2.3 million people.

Click link for rest of the article

February 14, 2019

Free Parking - We owe $22Trillion and we only have

$1.7Trillion in the whole country. When I saw these numbers, I thought, this can not be correct. OMG it is correct.

Please read the whole article http://eureka.news/free-parking-66/
I love eyeball clicks at my newspaper.

Our country’s national debt is about $21 trillion; the total amount of money in the United States today is about $1.7 trillion. In the broadest sense of the word “money,” there is about $90 trillion all together in the world. Horrifyingly, we (US citizens) owe more than 20% of all the money in the world and only have .5% of that amount in the country to pay our debts.

A couple of years ago, The Panama Papers rocked the financial world of ultra wealthy oligarchs by exposing hidden money that belongs to coffers in their home countries. The ensuing transparency found that U.S. corporations are hiding 55% of their wealth offshore costing us nationally $130 billion in tax revenue each year.

In the Tax Justice Network study, researchers found that worldwide, there is $21 trillion stashed in secret bank accounts and that 92,000 people (a thousandth of one percent of the world’s population,) control $9.8 trillion of the world’s wealth. This fabulous wealth comes by “leaking” or skimming money, for example: $700 billion from Russia since 1990; $305 billion from Saudi Arabia since the 1970s disappeared during sales of state resources.

The same study noted that if this secret money were recognized, with 3% interest paid annually and that accrued interest was taxed at 30%, it would generate $188 billion in tax revenues for countries around the world, each year, which would eliminate the need for world aid.

December 13, 2018

Free Parking -- Mitch McConnell, The "enemy within"?

This week's Free Parking examines McConnell's family and money ties. He's one dirty bird.

The story seems to begin in 2005 when Jim invested in Facebook and joined their board. At an international tech summit in 2009 he met Kremlin backed Yuri Milner, a Russian tech entrepreneur, along with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin-Salman (MBS).

Milner and Breyer began working together through Milner’s company, DST, and then circuitously, Milner bought stock and later a board seat at Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, Russia owns 8% of Facebook and 5% of Twitter with Putin’s agent on those social media boards.

October 17, 2018

Free Parking October 17 2018 Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth


Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. Leo Tolstoy

The earth has, at most, 12 years to stabilize the worst effects of our changing climate. The Republicon controlled government scoffs and demands we use more fossil fuel.

Trump’s GOP controlled government has declared that human life is worth nothing but money from the sales of deadly weapons is worth everything.

Our 2016 election was stolen by foreign governments and we ignore the fact that Trump is an installed puppet and revile the victim of the theft as being “a poor candidate” or “corrupt” without evidence.

Throughout written history women and girls have been enslaved, raped, beaten, tortured, humiliated, sold, given away and murdered for being female. The recent SCOTUS appointment indicates that this won’t be changing for some time to come.

more at link http://eureka.news/free-parking-53/

This next couple of weeks are going to be tough to live through. I hope we all have some soothing technique that will help get through this time of waiting. Of course, there's the calling all walking and all of that, but underneath, it's the waiting.

September 20, 2018

Free Parking Sept 19 2018 - Manafort Guilty Plea


Paul Manafort’s guilty plea to conspiracy against the United States laid out his scheme to steal the 2008 Ukrainian election where he installed Putin’s man, Yanukovich. It was simple and effective: Accuse the female politician of crimes she didn’t commit and install a puppet to remove Russian money-laundering/human rights sanctions.

Court documents show that Manafort used media, including Robert Mercer’s Breitbart News, to plant false murder conspiracies against Yulia Tymoshenko, a staunch human rights defender. Manafort’s job was to politically destroy Tymoshenko and make Viktor Yanukovych’s real corruption palatable enough to be overlooked by Europe.

Fast forward to 2016 and Manafort’s same smearing techniques were used by Trump’s campaign against Hillary Clinton. Putin detested Secretary of State Clinton because of her fierce advocacy for human rights. He didn’t want her as president and spent time, money and immense energy to put his puppet, Trump, into the Oval Office.

We are living under a fake president who is being given all the authority and honor a real one would receive. He has made a mockery of our Constitution and called our White House a dump. He has created division among Americans and sullied our message of inclusivity so completely that we should give the Statue of Liberty back to France.

A recent NBC town hall featured young people representing various segments of society, and many discussed their immense scorn for the election process. Rather than becoming educated about candidates’ policies, they felt a need to be “inspired” to vote. They felt Hillary Clinton, the fully qualified, first woman candidate for president was “uninspiring,” and didn’t vote.

rest of column at link[link:http://eureka.news/free-parking-49/|
September 15, 2018

Free Parking September 12 2018

Even though research says we can't reach the 32%, but I keep writing to the issue.

Here's to ripening fruit from the Mueller investigation. 8 out of 8 guilty pleas so far.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Mark 8: 36

This profound question deserves an answer. Today as we look at the political world that governs our very lives we see legislators who willingly sell our liberty for their own profit. As I write this, we don’t know if Brett Kavanaugh (age 53) will be given a lifetime appointment to our highest court; but through true political courage, we are learning what kind of man Brett Kavanaugh is.

Mercifully, not every senator is for sale. Senator Cory Booker put his political career on the line by telling the truth; Republicons were hiding Kavanaugh’s true biases by labeling them “confidential.”

Contrary to Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony, his true beliefs are now known: birth control is abortion; EOE is just set asides for minorities; Roe v Wade is up to new interpretation. Even more alarming and damning are emails he wrote stating he knew he was circulating stolen Democratic senate staffers’ documents to Republicon political operatives.

What we now know: Brett Kavanaugh is cravenly, nakedly power hungry and he lies, cheats and steals to get what he wants. What he wants is power over others. He wants women, all races, all colors and LGBTQ to bow down before him and his white brethren; and as the majority SCOTUS vote, he will get it. What we will get is the doo whack-a-doo.

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