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Member since: Fri Dec 11, 2020, 07:05 AM
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I automated a full time job before it could be advertised

I work as an Accountant and last week my Manager let me know that some new work had been passed to our team which would require hiring a new full time admin person (it was estimated that our team would see an increase of 160-180 hours of work).

The work was essentially transcribing tens of thousands of lines of data from our suppliers website who doesn't permit anyone access to their databases, only allowing them to view the data through their website.

So I went home and came back then next day with some freshly written Python code and now all that work has been fully automated, can run in the background and completes all the work in an hour.

The funny part of this story is that I forgot to ask for a raise before I handed over the code.

Apparently my neighbors are right wing wackos

Had a talk to my neighbors today from a distance over the fence, have know them a while but never really got beyond saying hello, boy was I in for a shock. It just so happened that they had the radio on which was in the middle of a news update on Covid, cue the craziness. Here's the bullet points of the discussion.

- They said that Covid is the same as the normal yearly flu.
- That no more people have died this year than would normally have, when I brought up the actual statistics showing more deaths they declared that those people were going to die anyway!
- That locking down has helped no country at all, after pointing out some countries have done well locking down they started to list countries that recorded lots of cases only after the lock down was lifted apparently unaware this was the case.
- That the media is trying to trick us by pretending people are following Covid restrictions when they're not. This one really confused me as if there is really no extra danger to them as they say then why would hiding a mass amount of people ignoring restrictions make a difference.
- That Covid is the biggest scam ever created.
- That the tourism industry somehow made profits from cancelling people's trips despite them being unable to organize further trips. This is the point where I seriously started wondering for their mental health, I have no idea how they drew this conclusion.
- That "they" didn't want to stop Covid and were actively sabotaging attempts to get the world back to normal. I didn't stick around to find out who "they" are.

I'm kind of shocked after this, they always seemed so nice, I never would have imagined the complete disregard for life they could show, the point where they declared that anyone who died from Covid was meant to die was particularly sad to me.

I just don't get it, how are some people this far off from reality? How can they have such little regard for life? Why do they think everyone is trying to trick them and get them? Why do they switch from Covid isn't dangerous to it's a threat and back again in the space of then minutes? I feel like I entered the Twilight Zone and nothing makes sense anymore.
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