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Russia & China are spreading conspiracy theories implying that COVID is an American-made virus.

Russia and China are spreading conspiracy theories about alleged bio-labs “under U.S. control” along their borders—implying that COVID is an American-made virus.


Russia, China Team Up to Peddle Insane U.S. COVID Lab Theory

Russian and Chinese officials are spreading conspiracy theories about alleged bio-labs “under U.S. control” along their borders—implying that COVID is an American-made virus.

The Cold War could be coming back with a vengeance, and the U.S.’s top adversaries are dusting off some old-school Soviet tactics.

Russian and Chinese government officials have recently teamed up to publicly accuse the U.S. of creating biological weapons near their borders and suggesting that Americans are responsible for creating COVID-19.

Speaking to the Russian daily newspaper Kommersant on Thursday, Nikolai Patrushev, Russia’s Security Council secretary, said: “I suggest that you pay attention to the fact that biological laboratories under U.S. control are growing by leaps and bounds all over the world. And—by a strange coincidence—mainly near the Russian and Chinese borders.”

Patrushev, who formerly served as director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)—the main successor organization to the Soviet KGB—added that “outbreaks of diseases uncharacteristic of these regions” have been recorded in areas adjacent to these alleged bio-labs. He then openly accused the U.S. of developing biological weapons in those facilities.

Like clockwork, Russian state media echoed and disseminated Patrushev’s accusations against the U.S. But this time, they were accompanied by an official statement from China’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Lijian Zhao, who tweeted: “The US bio-military activities are not transparent, safe or justified. In Ukraine alone, the US has set up 16 bio-labs. Why does the US need so many labs all over the world? What activities are carried out in those labs, including the one in Fort Detrick?”

More: https://www.thedailybeast.com/russia-china-team-up-to-peddle-insane-us-covid-lab-theory

Calls for Further Inquiries Into Coronavirus Origins

A group of scientists has called for a much more thorough review of lab security+virus handling procedures in #China, stating that the ⁦@WHO team was restricted from the outset by terms of reference pushing a zoonotic origin of the #coronavirus.

Stephen McDonell
China Correspondent BBC, after 9 years as ABC Beijing Bureau Chief. Bachelor of Arts, Wollongong University. MA (Journalism) U.T.S.


You can read letter above yourself but it is a very strongly-worded criticism of the @WHO
investigation team’s processes and findings by a group of scientists who say that “no robust process for examining the origins of the pandemic has been established”. #coronavirus

They say there were “different evidentiary standards” for the four theories considered; that there is no solid evidence for the conclusion that a lab leak origin was “extremely unlikely”; that critical records and samples remain “inaccessible” etc.

They say the primary conclusion that an intermediary host animal path was the most likely origin of the #coronavirus remains “entirely theoretical”, meaning - at the very least - that other origin pathways must remain open. #China

+ calling for: a new team to carry out research in #China with broader specialist expertise; without any government having veto power re the team make up; a more robust process dealing with potential conflicts of interest like “prior professional association with laboratories”...

++calling for team to be able to interview relevant people “without the presence of government authorities”.

Calls for Further Inquiries Into Coronavirus Origins

A group of scientists and others who are critics of the W.H.O. team report want a broader investigation into the potential sources of the coronavirus pandemic, and a review of lab security in handling viruses.

More: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/04/07/science/virus-inquiries-pandemic-origins.html

WHO clarified today that China-WHO origins of covid-19 team did not extensively assess the lab leak

The @WHO clarified today that the China-WHO origins of covid-19 team did not extensively assess the lab leak hypothesis.

And that WHO is ready to deploy future missions involving specialist experts to investigate a lab leak.



AP: LP knew about Weaver's problems back in June 2020. They & their outside counsel were told.

It seems the Lincoln Project founders lied about what they knew and when they knew it. The LP knew about Weaver's problems back in June 2020. Expect lawsuits. Many lawsuits.

This news article is from the AP, not some conservative blog hit piece.

How a leading anti-Trump group ignored a crisis in its ranks

WASHINGTON (AP) — Last June, the Lincoln Project was on a high.

Led by several prominent former Republican consultants, its slickly produced ads attacking President Donald Trump made it perhaps the best known of the so-called Never Trump organizations. The group tried to claim a higher moral ground in an effort to purge Trump from the GOP. Money flowed in by the tens of millions of dollars from donors eager to help.

But within the organization, a crisis was brewing.

In June 2020, members of the organization’s leadership were informed in writing and in subsequent phone calls of at least 10 specific allegations of harassment against co-founder John Weaver, including two involving Lincoln Project employees, according to multiple people with direct knowledge of the situation. The email and phone calls raise questions about the Lincoln Project’s statement last month that it was “shocked” when accusations surfaced publicly this year. It’s also the first known suggestion that Weaver targeted a Lincoln Project staffer.

Despite the early warning, the group took no action against Weaver and pressed forward with its high-profile work. For the collection of GOP consultants and former officials, being anti-Trump was becoming very good for business. Of the $90 million Lincoln Project has raised, more than $50 million has gone to firms controlled by the group’s leaders.

More: https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-b14be5f06588b8f1d78125d4141394cb

The other bombshell is the money issue which main stream media has stayed away from until now.

I know that people here love the work the Lincoln Project does. I understand and did as well, but we don't need to ignore the facts as reported in this article.

A warning from The National Counterintelligence and Security Center & the video from 60 minutes

I've tried for 10 minutes to come up with a good summary and can't. The video which is about the collection of data and how it's used by foreign countries is worth the watch even with the commercials in the beginning. It's important to us as a country and as individuals to address this issue.

A warning from The National Counterintelligence and Security Center

Earlier tonight, former NCSC Director Bill Evanina was featured on @CBSNews
"60 Minutes" discussing China’s collection of U.S. healthcare data and the risks it poses to our privacy & economic / national security. Watch Part 1 of the segment at:


China's push to control Americans' health care future

U.S. officials say the Chinese government is trying to collect Americans' DNA, and they believe a recent offer from a Chinese company for assistance in COVID-19 testing was suspicious. Jon Wertheim reports.

Article and video in here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/biodata-dna-china-collection-60-minutes-2021-01-31/

Edited to add:

China gene firm providing worldwide COVID tests worked with Chinese military


Exclusive: China gene firm providing worldwide COVID tests worked with Chinese military

SYDNEY (Reuters) - BGI Group, the world’s largest genomics company, has worked with China’s military on research that ranges from mass testing for respiratory pathogens to brain science, a Reuters review of research, patent filings and other documents has found.

The review, of more than 40 publicly available documents and research papers in Chinese and English, shows BGI’s links to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) include research with China’s top military supercomputing experts. The extent of those links has not previously been reported.

BGI has sold millions of COVID-19 test kits outside China since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, including to Europe, Australia and the United States. Shares of BGI Genomics Co, the company’s subsidiary listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange, have doubled in price over the past 12 months, giving it a market value of about $9 billion.

But top U.S. security officials have warned American labs against using Chinese tests because of concern China was seeking to gather foreign genetic data for its own research. BGI has denied that.

The documents reviewed by Reuters neither contradict nor support that U.S. suspicion. Still, the material shows that the links between the Chinese military and BGI run deeper than previously understood, illustrating how China has moved to integrate private technology companies into military-related research under President Xi Jinping.

More: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-genomics-military-exclusive/exclusive-china-gene-firm-providing-worldwide-covid-tests-worked-with-chinese-military-idUSKBN29Z0HA

From Andrew McCabe:

Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe said in response to my reporting that had he known Mueller was not conducting the counterintelligence investigation into Trump, he would have pushed for the FBI to do it. He gave me this statement.


Edited to add:

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein concluded the FBI had not cleared the threshold needed to conduct a counterintel investigation into the president's ties to Russia. Rosenstein believed the FBI had acted far to hastily to open investigation as it grieved firing of director Comey.

I think we're going to have to wait to see why Muller didn't investigate instead of jumping to conclusions. We are only starting to get the story.

Brutal audio of Trump's sister talking about him



It's not the flu. You may not want to read this, but you need to.

Coronavirus autopsies: A story of 38 brains, 87 lungs and 42 hearts

What we’ve learned from the dead that could help the living

When pathologist Amy Rapkiewicz began the grim process of opening up the coronavirus dead to learn how their bodies went awry, she found damage to the lungs, kidneys and liver consistent with what doctors had reported for months.

... snip

Autopsies have long been a source of breakthroughs in understanding new diseases, from HIV/AIDS and Ebola to Lassa fever — and the medical community is counting on them to do the same for covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. With a vaccine probably many months away in even the most optimistic scenarios, autopsies are becoming a critical source of information for research into possible treatments.

... snip

Microclots in lungs

One of the first American investigations to be made public, on April 10, was out of New Orleans. The patient was a 44-year-old man who had been treated at LSU Health. Richard Vander Heide remembers cutting the lung and discovering what were probably hundreds or thousands of microclots.

... snip

Heart cells

The next organ studied up close was the heart. One of the most frightening early reports about the coronavirus from China was that a significant percentage of hospitalized patients — up to 20 to 30 percent — appeared to have myocarditis that could lead to sudden death. The condition involves the thickening of the muscle of the heart so that it can no longer pump efficiently.

... snip

He said a couple of patients he performed autopsies on had gone into cardiac arrest in the hospital, but when he examined them, the primary damage was in the lungs — not the heart.

Brain grid

“If you have one blood clot in the brain, we see that all the time. But what we’re seeing is, some patients are having multiple strokes in blood vessels that are in two or even three different territories,” Fowkes said.

More: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/07/01/coronavirus-autopsies-findings/

The article is worth the click.

***Link not behind a paywall thanks to Niagara in post #15: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/coronavirus-autopsies-a-story-of-38-brains-87-lungs-and-42-hearts/ar-BB16dALn
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