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Member since: Mon Sep 8, 2008, 01:05 PM
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I vote, I am team leader & Causus Recorder& a delegate all for Dems for 30 years

I never said I didnít vote or participated.

Town Repub outnumber farmers. Farmers are 3% of vote. 97% in Rural Town Repubs

Iowa Dem Farmer here. Farmers will never vote Dem if you challenge their pride & intelligence by name calling

Democratic Iowa Farmer here- stop the name calling. We risk injury & hurt business

Sticking up for the party. We live in Rep areas fighting for our party. Guns pulled and public shunning & home break ins isnít easy so FU GUYS.

We donít all hate & we are not all racist

Apologize -Democratic Farmer here. Most farmers vote Rep cuz of Grain Embargo Carter did AND

The Farm crisis triggered from it. They donít believe FOOD should be used as a bargaining tool in politics because people need it to survive so they donít like government in their ag business.

I am a Centurion farm family here& my family has been Democratic since 1890s.

I donít like their bullshit reasons farmers vote Rep cuz it is usually naive BUT not all of us are dumb fuckers.

My family has held office, been Delegate for State & national primaries, team leaders, head of democratic women league, military, voter registration & poll watchers all for Democratic Party.

But keep lumping us all together is WHY the Dem farmers stay home. Either we are outnumbered by Rep where we live or call ďdumb fucksĒ by our own party.
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