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billhicks76's Journal
billhicks76's Journal
June 5, 2014

Retrieve Old Posts?

I didn't realize post are only saved for 30 days. Does DU have longer records? Is there a way to retrieve them if they are older than 30 days? Is it just this way on iPad and my computer will show older ones?

April 9, 2014

Question submitted by billhicks76

The text of this question will be publicly available after it has been reviewed and answered by a DU Administrator. Please be aware that sometimes messages are not answered immediately. Thank you for your patience. --The DU Administrators
April 8, 2014

Please Help Me

I cannot recall my password for the life if me and as pathetic as it sounds I cannot figure out what email I signed up from. Im afraid if losing my acct if I sign out. Can a password reset be sent internally through my DU email acct? Emailed admins with no response Thank You...this is my favorite site and I use it as my primary info source and discussion platform.

November 28, 2013

Wow Truth

Wow...is it ok now to speak the truth now that a senator spoke up? Are you sure it's ok with all the status quo naysaying apologist coincidence theorists that prefer to parrot official lies so they can feel part of the winning team and not have to challenge their conscience, intelligence or carefully crafted belief systems? I'm so sick of the excuses from small minded people who prefer " not to know" and attack those who question what is obviously a big fat lie. I hope those people eventually realize that 500,000 people are in prison on conspiracy charges in this messed up country and conspiracy is not a dirty word regardless of how many paid off pundits instruct you to believe so. And where's the media with this story??? Nowhere because they know they capitulated too. Not a surprise when their board members also serve on the boards of big oil and weapons corporations. The entire thing is disgusting and makes me understand how no one did crap in Germany to stop the Nazis in WW2...that used to puzzle me but not anymore. People will go out of their way to close their eyes to big evil and big lies because they just can't handle it.

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