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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Jimmy Carter's mom joined the Peace Corps in 66 and served 2yrs in India! Fabulous family!!

Eta---she was 68!!

Evangelicals---Kamala is the name of a Hindu goddess!! Do Americans want a Hindu goddess as VP??

Eta---Rick Wiles rant reported by blog rightwingwatch

'The voice of the turtle is heard in the land'. From OT book Song of Solomon

Any way to use vs Mitch?

Google has another OT mention in Leviticus

Also The Voice of the Turtle was a long-running play, starting during WWII , IIRC

Personal note---my aunt went to a performance of the play here in OK in the late 40s, when I was in grade school. She repeatedly called the play The Turtle Talks. I think that's why I remember--I found that phrase very funny. And also Mom kept correcting her with the actual title

Republicans are PRO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!!Mitch NOT bringing reauth

Mitch NOT bringing to floor vote reauthorization of Biden's Violence Against Women Act---passed 20 years ago

Portland 'antifa' shooter killed---WTF IS GOING ON?? Would appreciate explanation of events

Was R really antifa person?

Did he really shoot RW guy?

Did cops murder him?

Did they delay medical help?

What is Trump's involvement?

Barr's involvement?

Feel like I came in 3/4 of way through story and am trying to catch up.

Any help greatly appreciated!!

Ames IA now a hot-spot in virus!! Tm Thursday from son who lives there

And Iowa State will allow 25,000 in stadium for game at end of September!!

What's the BFD about Pelosi's haircut? I just don't get it. She's a hypocritebc owner says she didn'

Owner says she didn't wear a mask, observe social distancing, or...??? All things Pelosi says we need to do during pandemic?

I just don't get it


Trump views ALL US money as HIS. That's why he doesn't want govt to pay energency relief, etc

Paying states or individuals to help them deal with fire, flood, storm damage IS TAKING MONEY OUT OF HIS POCKET

I just realized that's the basic reason he doesn't want to help

Yeah, he has zero empathy etc

But basically IMHO, he thinks all the US govt money really belongs by right to him!!!

What's happened to PZMeyers' blog pharyngula at freethought?? I can't get it

Jim Bakker show gave Joel Pollak, Breitbart editor, their full show Fridwy. Scare message

Saw just the 1st sentence or so of his

Millions watch and believe what theybsee and hear on Bakker's show


Evangelicals are doing all they can to get all Evangelicals registered and super scared that democrats will close churches (they are already doing it!!! Virus closings are a practice run), jail Christians, kill preachers!!!
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