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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas
Member since: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 02:38 AM
Number of posts: 2,063

Journal Archives

Love is the Answer


Laura Ingraham pumping Bernie on Fox

Any doubt the GOP wants to run against Bernie? She's not the only one on Fox pumping up Bernie. Bernie comes up quite often as the pundits claim he's the biggest threat to trump in the fall. Trying to set the democrats up for the kill. I hope enough of us aren't na´ve enough to fall for the ploy.
Don't fall for it.


Just saw Nina Turner on Ari

She's just as unappealing as ever. The thought her being Bernie's version of KellyAnn Conway is enough to turn a lot of voters off.

School of Rock students - "California Dreamin'"

Had to tune into Fox for a second

All they were talking about was how the Iranian situation is helping trump to beat impeachment. Didn't stay tuned for long, but that's what they were talking about.

I used to think I had some control over my life.....

now I just pull up a chair and watch the shit show unfold before me.

Angels We Have Heard On High


Neil Young's Harvest Moon by Foxes & Fossils


Not sure if I'm doing this right. My first time attempting to post a video from YouTube.

Trump's aid came to him and said, " Sir, I had a dream"

"You got your parade! It was miles and miles long winding thru Washington D.C. Millions of joyful people lined the streets. All the people were cheering, joyful, and literally dancing in the strrets. And you were riding in the most beautiful carriage."
Trump asks, "Was I happy?"
The aid answers, "I don't know sir. The casket was closed."
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