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Profile Information

Name: Rickie
Gender: Female
Home country: US
Member since: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 356

Journal Archives

I hope this is okay to put here.

I created a little political video about the #Quasi-Dictator and how much he loves hugging flags. You can see it on YouTube at:

Bipartisan Report - video of Trump preparing for speech! Must see!!

BREAKING: Leaked video shows Donald Trump preparing for his big speech tomorrow.


Please explain - can the RNC refuse Drumf?

I'm very ignorant when it comes to the political process, so I'm wanting to put this out there hoping someone can help explain.

Just wondering what the process would be if the RNC refused to have him represent them for the presidential election. Can they refuse him? Can they still put someone out there (Romney, Cruz) as a 3rd party? They could have just one politician, therefore eliminating the need for the primary vote. Correct?

I'm asking because I just can't see ANY party taking him seriously and jumping on the bandwagon. Well, unless, of course, they feel they can use him as their puppet. (GWB?) I've never been so ashamed of my country. GWB came very close but this psychopath hasn't gotten into the white house yet and he is causing so much chaos everywhere he goes.

Then there's the question deep in my thoughts; could Drumf have his honcho's out there gathering incriminating 'facts' on members of his party, threatening to expose them to the public if they don't see things his way?

A couple weeks ago I read that Annonymous was doing some snooping around in the many dealings of Drumf and was wondering what ever came of that?

Cruz and his sex toys ban!

If this is inappropriate, please forgive me.

So I see a page that quoted Teddy and his sex toys ban. It said that he will allow dildoes so I grabbed a picture that I thought would just fit right in. No pun intended - well maybe a little - there I go again.

Adobe's Monument Mode feature

I'm not sure if others here know about this and would like you thoughts. It concerns Adobe's new feature, "Monument Mode," that automatically removes other people from your shots which is great when taking pictures during vacations etc.

Monument Mode

Has anyone ever heard of Vivian Maier the photographer? I watched

a documentary on her the other day. I would like to share a link but there are many, many more to check out. What a mysterious, brilliant woman.


Yes, dreams do come true and here's mine ->

Throughout my life I never thought I'd find the perfect woman for me. Well, on Sept 27, 1991, I did. My Mom loved her as well as the rest of my family. I only dreamed of finding 'her', marrying her and having our honeymoon at my favorite place - the Catskills. Well they all came true. We said our first vows on May 8, 1993 here In Flar-dee-DUH but, of course, we weren't 'legally' married. So we did research and found a woman in Canada who helped us arrange a full-fledged marriage. My sister and her husband graciously agreed that our honeymoon would take place at their farm - which I felt was "home". So on May 8, 2004 we were "legally" married in Ottawa, Ontario. The next day we drove back to the farm and had the very best honeymoon I could ever imagine with our loving family.

Here we are, twenty-three years after falling in love with my dream gal, the state we live in will recognize our marriage at 1 minute after midnight tonight. Dreams DO come true!! Last year was a totally horrific year for me but hopefully this new year will be much better.

Billie Garcia and I want to thank all involved in making this happen.

Supreme Court refuses to block gay marriages in Florida

Well it's about time!

"Nonetheless, the Supreme Court has now spoken, and the stay will end on Jan. 5," Bondi said.


During our trip back to my

old stomping grounds in the Catskills in 2012 we visited the Emile Brunel Studio and Sculpture Garden aka Totem Indian Trading Post, located on Da Silva Road, just off the NY 28 state highway, in Boiceville, Town of Olive, New York

Taken with my (retired - broken battery cover) Nikon Coolpix L22.

Took this in 2012

near Andes, NY.

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