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The Defend and Improve Social Security Act of 2018

Since the repubs seemed bent of destroying social security I have come up with an alternate plan. It is something I have been kicking around in my head for awhile and finally put to paper. I plan on sending it to my congressman, but I would like to get DUers input first. Also feel free to send it to your reps also. And if there are any DUers that are really good with numbers please crunch them for me. I have used some online save social security calculators but I could not put all the changes I made into them. The closest I came up with was that this plan would make social security solvent until the 2070s.

The Defend and Improve Social Security Act of 2018

Whereas 85% of Americans support the social security program and wish to see it continued and strengthened upon passage of this bill;
All earned and unearned income will be subject to the Social Security Tax of 6.2 percent.
The number of credits needed to be insured for Social Security retirement will henceforth be 15.
There will be no change in the number of credits needed for Social Security Disability.
Social Security retirement and disability will have a minimum insured amount of $1500.00 a month starting in FY 2018.
Social Security Spousal Benefits will have a minimum insured amount of $1000.00 a month starting in FY 2018.
Social Security retirement and disability benefits will have a maximum insured amount of double the minimum insured amount.
Social Security widows benefits for those who were married at least 15 years will be the full amount of the number earners full benefit amount.
Social Security benefits will no longer be taxed as income or in any other manner.
Social Security full retirement age will be set at 62 upon passage of this bill.
Social Security COLA will be based on the CPI-W unless that COLA amount is under 2 percent. If the CPI-W amount is under 2 percent the COLA for that year will be 2 percent.

Rape stats

Here are two links that show that rapes rates have declined tremendously over the last few decades. The first shows a 85% decrease from 1973 to 2003. http://anthonydamato.law.northwestern.edu/adobefiles/porn.pdf The other shows a 60% decrease since 2003. http://www.statisticbrain.com/rape-statistics/

This is great news for our soceity and of course we should continue to aim for zero. To get to this point though we have to correctly identify causes. Both people and organizations on the left and the right claim there is a link between porn and rape/sexual assault. These statistics seem to show that this causation does not exist.

So my question for discussion is what has caused this tremendous drop and how can we build on this.


Many on the left and the right say there is a connection between pornography and rape. However, according to the numbers from the department of justice rape has decreased by 60% since 1993. http://www.statisticbrain.com/rape-statistics/

During this same time period, thanks to the Internet, porn has exploded. If there was some sort of causation between the two, what explains this huge drop in the rape rate in the US since 1993?
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